Black Shadow (build 48)

By SAW_GameDesign - Added On 12/4/2009

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This game was canceled by the developer, so the current version might be buggy or incomplete. You can Follow this game to be notified if there are any updates.

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Canceled due to 3d conversion version.

How To Play

Using Left and Right to move...left and right.

Press Up for jump

Down+Left/Right to dodge backwards

C = Attack

X = Block

F5 = Quick Save

F6 = Quick Load (may have issues, please report)

Boring History

Black Shadow is a project I started a year or so back, and like many, it was shelved due to personal life and other projects.

Mostly this project is a labor of love as it were, I like the Castlevania series and thus it is my main inspiration for this title.  That and I enjoy making tile based maps.  The goal was to follow the Castlevania/Metroid style of map creation, large worlds made of many connected rooms, revisiting and unlocking passages.

Music was done by J_B on GMC, I don't have any of his contact info so I may have to find a new musician for additional/revised/better music.  He did allow me to use a good dozen or so of his personal creations, which may help fill the void if I ever complete this.

To make things easier, the character, enemies and NPCs are shadows, basicly an outlined silhouette, drawn semi-transparent in the game.  This allowed for easy and fluid animation, which I favor over super detailed sprites for something like this.

As far as progress, this game has been asleep for awhile.  I do want to revive it and submit it to a 4th total map recreation, rehualing of Boss AI(which is kind of lame ATM) and other nifty bits.

So available to play is this version, featuring the 3rd map revision which is actually shorter than the 2nd.  So this version actually only has one completed stage, town in between and the beginings of a second stage.

One of these days I'll jump back on this project and finish it off, but until check out the demo and feel free to sling suggestions.

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SAW_GameDesign Game's Developer
SAW_GameDesign 5 years ago
I'll revise the controls some, need to add another action for the future any how.
I'm not sure if I'll have any more releases til its finished. Once done it should address some issues, like having a menu with customizable controls would be a plus. Another task I have before I finish is to create some kind of intro to establish the story and revisit my message system as well since a lot of previous conversations have been removed between player and bosses.
Thanks for the rating and comments.
Theodolite 5 years ago
Why do I have to kill all those red creatures and walk around the levels?
Explain that (in game) and fix the controls and you'll have a good game
Chris Flynn
Chris Flynn 5 years ago
This game was really cool, I though the level design was incredibly well thought out and liked the style of the enemies. Wish there was more variation in combat though.
SAW_GameDesign Game's Developer
SAW_GameDesign 5 years ago
Map system is good addition I should put in the future.

Any suggestions on improving the controls?
spawnvash 5 years ago
I'm in the town right now :P
Pretty kewl game, did not expect such depth and got hooked.
Wish that there would more tight controls and a map system however T_T

Game Info

Developer: SAW_GameDesign
Genre: Platformer
Status: Cancelled
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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