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By Jerome Baudoux - Added On 3/2/2010

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Battle Jump is a dexterity game in which you incarnate a character that can only move by making leaps. 

You must bring your Jumper at the end of levels filled with traps. Your skills will be sorely tested, and your only goal will be to finish the level the faster you can. The Gameplay is the main element of the game and differs slightly from other games. In most games, when you press a direction, it makes instantly move your character in that direction. If you release that direction your character stops. 

In Battle Jump directional keys are used to tilt your character, which will move according to this angle. Because releasing a key does not change the angle, the character will continue to the exact speed it was before you release the direction.

You will need to perfectly control your character in order to avoid falling into a hole or a trap. 

The game contains several levels with a progressive difficulty. If you think the first levels are too easy for you, don't worry, the last levels will be much complex. 

With its two-players mod in split screen, you can battle anyone in races where every mistake can be fatal.

The game is still in development so it is constantly evolving, and new features are added regularly. I encourage you to monitor the project. 

/!\ -- IMPORTANT --

This version does NOT include the level editor or the possibility to send your scores, please download the game from the official web site (For free of course)  to have this features.

/?\ -- SOON --

A new version is on his way with new blocks, new levels, and new features !

/?\ -- CONTROLS --

  First Player :

      WASD : Move your Jumper              (ZQSD for azerty keyboards)

      R : Restart Level

  Second Player :

      Arrow Keys : Move your Jumper

/?\ -- YOUR OPINION --

The game currently weighs 14.7 MB. Do you think this is too much for the quick play ?

I may be able to reduce a little the size... maybe around 10 MB.

Do you think this worth the trouble ?

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DWWilson 5 years ago
Awesome game, I got as far as 3-3 before it got too hard for me. I'd like it if you could use the arrow keys to move as well, but it's not a big deal.
Jerome Baudoux Game's Developer
Jerome Baudoux 5 years ago
Thanks DWWilson,

3-3 is really not bad for a start. Judging by the people who send their scores, many people takes time to finish this difficulty ;)

For the keyboard mapping, you can choose your keys in the option menu.
I chose WASD for moving because the arrow keys are used for the second player, but you can change it if you like ;)
Society 5 years ago
Good, very good. Nearly commercial quality, I should admit. Some thing still could be improved:
1) It’s possible to bring transparent menu if Esc is pressed while ‘Game Over’ message still fading in. Brief tip: split'em to different quads.
2) Cutting lives amount back to 3 after timeout isn’t too fair: on some stages time could run out just before player would ever notice it.
3) It’s just impossible to gain enough momentum on some respawning points (solitary quads f.e.)
4) Some mouse controls (at lest in main menu) would be really appreciated.
Jerome Baudoux Game's Developer
Jerome Baudoux 5 years ago
Thank you Society :) For both your (really detailed) comment and rating :)

I already corrected the first problem that you mentioned on my local version, so this will be corrected in the next version.

I guess the point 2 is something that can be discussed. In my vision loosing by the time is the same as loosing all the lives you got, that's why the lives stock is initialize.
I could let all the lives that the player has collected, but this will allows to finish a level in two times :
- First : try to collect as lives as possible
- Second : finish the level.

I'll try to add the mouse support in a future version, and maybe the joypad support ;)
Comico 5 years ago
This is such a great game

I always have trouble yet I always come back, and then eventually I beat it
twig 5 years ago
This game is simply terrific ! Do you plane to port your game to iPhone platform or any other mobile platforms, I think i would be a great idea ?
sauren 5 years ago
What a wonderful game ! ^^
Jerome Baudoux Game's Developer
Jerome Baudoux 5 years ago
Apparently someone didn't like the game and rate it 2/5 ...

I wish he had posted a comment to say what he dislike in order to improve the game.

slayer64 5 years ago
this was a lot of fun at the beginning, but by the last normal and hard levels i was aggravated. nice graphics, different music would be good.
Comico 5 years ago
Amazing game
Daniel Seabra
Daniel Seabra 5 years ago
You sir, just made my day.

Also huge wave of nostalgia there. :)
Jerome Baudoux Game's Developer
Jerome Baudoux 5 years ago
Thank you for this message, and even more for rating the game 5 stars.
It really is motivating :)

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Developer: Jerome Baudoux
Genre: Platformer
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: C/C++
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