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By MikeJimmy - Added On 7/20/2010

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Alien Explorer 2 is my biggest project so far and Im fairly proud of it.

I got out of the competition, I still want this game to be on the PSP, but I won't enter it for the competition. since I want more time to work on this game.

currently features:

-1 complete world

-1 partially playable world, but far from complete (now including boss)

-original and good sound effects and bg music created by me

-several enemies, some complete, others not yet

-2 bosses, both in the making, but playable

credits go to:

-game maker 8.0

-Famitracker 0.3.0

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GenGameCube 4 years ago
The game has an interesting concept: kill enough enemies to get DNA, get enough DNA from each enemy to continue. I like that. However, it does need some work. There are several glitches, like the lack of telling how to get into the pause menu (Z), or the ability to hang on to a platform for a little while (I don't think that's on purpose). In addition, it gets boring after a while since you have to kill 100 slugs, at least 20 humans, and over 30 jumpers. Make it so you have to kill less... like 50 slugs, 10 humans, and 15 jumpers... or something like that. In addition, I would like some backgrounds beyond a bluegreen and a gradient. It has potential, but it definitely is far from finished. I notice that it is a demo, so I look forward to the final version.
MikeJimmy Game's Developer
MikeJimmy 4 years ago
the hanging from the ceiling was a glitch I took out long ago... I just forgot to upload it yet.

if you see the map, you'll see a irregularity in the world, there is a boss, which will immediatly sends you from this world to the next. I think I'm better off changing the map so it's shown, would spare people 90% of their time, like it does with me.

thanks for the feedback, it's really usefull :D I'll adjust the backgrounds for sure, create some tiles, more detailed backgrounds, no problem ^^

Game Info

Developer: MikeJimmy
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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