Action Adventure World: The Game - Episode TWO

By Michel Orgaz - Added On 8/12/2012

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Play the nerdcore singer 8Bit Duane Zuwala in the second episode of the Action Adventure World game!

This game is a retro graphics platformer with spikes, traps and wall jumps like Super Meat Boy.

In this Episode, you can use your fists to punch ennemies in the face! Two players mode to Play with a friend on local COOP mode (like Tails in Sonic 2 game) foreach level.

Infinite lives, infinite continues, try the levels until you win ! Go through levels, avoid spikes, punch and kick ennemies, bosses, and deactivate the bombs before the explosion !

Over 50+ levels are waiting for you!

Hey... you're a girl? Choose the EASY mode!

You want challenge? Try the HARD mode!

Controls : Joypad or Keyboard.

Use the configurator.exe to set up your controllers before playing!

The previous episode (episode one) is available here :

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Davidalix 3 months ago

Cool idea!

Michel Orgaz Game's Developer
Michel Orgaz 3 months ago

Wow you really go through the entire game? Well done!


Silicon Sorcery Studios

Slick game , tough game play at the end levels.

Great humor, I actually listened to all of the smack to see how long it would last and how it would end.

I love the ending credits music

The end game animation was something you hardly ever see in games (even the expensive ones).

erdo 11 months ago

That thing about being a girl and the easy mode is very sexist, don't you think?

On this page there are girls who develop and defeat tougher games than this.

The game looks cool and the mechanics and flow are fine, it's very fun.


Game Info

Developer: Michel Orgaz
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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