A walk in a Forest

By Liam Berry - Added On 5/10/2010

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A Walk in A Forest is a short platform-exploration game I made. There's not much too it (A total of 63 small rooms), but enough to pass some time. I got the idea for it after watching a trailer of Andrew Brophy's Anyone Else's World. The story-line is that you're a kid who goes for a walk in a forest and gets lost, and has to find a way back to his house (I know, very, very cliche!).

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Andrew Brophy
Andrew Brophy 5 years ago

Aww yeah, this was neat.

Devskback 5 years ago

This is actually quite fun. I enjoyed exploring the world. The death sound is a bit too loud to my liking though. It would be cool to have characters to talk to, maybe riddles with guiding answers, and red herrings too. And the story should also be in the game.

Liam Berry Game's Developer
Liam Berry 5 years ago


I always meant to come back to this game and add more things to it, but never really got around to it, and right now I'm right in the middle of a really big project and don't have the time.

And the story is in the game, somewhat, in the series of pictures... It's not too clear, though. :P


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Developer: Liam Berry
Genre: Platformer
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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