By Jack Spinoza - Added On 7/15/2014

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based on Glue lyrics by Adeem, a zine game. Press arrows to progress. 

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UnicornBarf 4 months ago
This game really does grab the player's attention. The style you choose had this deliberate and chaotic collage look and the narrative was compelling. The music really set a nice mood too. I enjoyed playing this game.
Benal 6 months ago
Probably the most invested I've ever been to a narrative focused game. Music, story, and visuals were awesome.
Jack Spinoza Game's Developer
Jack Spinoza 6 months ago
cheers bruv
Kayabros 7 months ago
This is the most cinematic game I've ever played. The presentation was incredible.
-N- 8 months ago
Stopped at the black screen with the dots in the background coz nothing was happening :D
nuuup 8 months ago
This is a strange game. It is probably one of your best games after the Beeswing hiatus ( until now ). The iwishihadanalternative and lets go diving were a bit too shocking ( the imagery left some people outraged, disturbed, grossed out ), and this is the most pleasant game of the bunch, not that I think this game is pleasant. Oh, and if this is the reason your blog keeps bugging on my computer ( really, every single time I attempt to enter it, my browser slows down drastically ), could you send me the text you wrote on videogames, because I was pretty interested in it. Also, you got a 4/5 for this one.
tylerselig1 9 months ago
God dammit Jack, stop making great games. You're too talented.

It was more of the same, but in a good way. I dig the visuals, the music, the story, the meaning, everything. Good work.

Full review is here, but it's pretty short:
coolranch 9 months ago
I notice the influence of Blam! by NEA on your work here, it feels a little latent? You must have discovered it recently. If I'm off-base, do take the time to check it out; Blam! 3 is probably one of my favorite interactive experiences and I'm heart-broken by how ahead of the time it was (even though it was philosophically terrible, the racist 'devil's advocacy' shit is a dollar a dozen now, the actual ideas behind user interaction w/ the software and imagery was amazing).
Jack Spinoza Game's Developer
Jack Spinoza 9 months ago
Nice, just checked it out and it's amazing. Thanks for the recommendation.
AzRaHLe 9 months ago
I'm just going to break it to you. I didn't like it.
The story is.. Alright, I guess. But your way of telling it just makes it complicated and gives me a headache.

But hey, who am I to judge? Keep up the.. Work..
James Earl Cox III
James Earl Cox III 10 months ago
you uploaded it!
Milkyandingding 10 months ago
good game I like the comic idea

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Developer: Jack Spinoza
Genre: Other
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Construct 2
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