The Shocking Tale of the Shocking Interruption of the Shocking Compo Convo and the Shocking Discovery of the Shocking Truth

The Shocking Tale of the Shocking Interruption of the Shocking Compo Convo and the Shocking Discovery of the Shocking Truth

By KniteBlargh - Added On 6/20/2009

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(Note: Those of you expecting my usual stuff will not find it in this game. Don't worry, I'm not completely changing my style on you guys; I still love making cute games.)

My little contribution to our first competition on Game Jolt (just to show my support even though I'm one of the judges and therefore shall not win). :)

As far as the shocking theme goes...

Cros said it was whatever the word meant to us personally. I was thinking of several things... First of all, those of you who know my usual art style (see shocking contest poster) are aware of the fact that I usually create sickeningly cute stuff. Well, I thought it would be a bit of a shock if I tried something different, so there's one point.

Also, I thought it would be shocking to go from what may seem like an art game at first to some other genre that's completely different out of nowhere.

I made my own weird music for this game, so that's pretty shocking.

It takes somewhat of a shockingly long time to get through the shocking part.

There's a conversation within this game referring to the Game Jolt Shocking contest.

Last of all, you can't get any more shocky than the title of this game.

Please enjoy! (Still think it turned out to be a bit of an art game though...)

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Sonika Cain
Sonika Cain 2 years ago
That was very... Nice... (you expected 'shocking', huh?)
KniteBlargh Game's Developer
KniteBlargh 2 years ago
LOL Thanks. Honestly, there probably wasn't anything shocking about it besides the silly title.
GCshepard 5 years ago
real nice game. quick and fun

@rotten_tater: you could make something like this with madtracker, as long as you were willing to spend a few seconds on making some sounds with a technic sound generator... but idk what he really used
rotten_tater 5 years ago
Heh heh! Nice! What did you use to make the music?
Amidos 5 years ago
You always like long names :)
So wierd game :)
The something that annoys me that every time i died I had to reply the whole game and cant skip the conversation :)
Kanosis 5 years ago

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