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Some incredible works for you to enjoy,


Taxi Game


Old Man in the Desert

Ground Stooge

SPACE Stooge


Space Cheese

Horse Pastry


Thanks to Jack King-Spooner

Thanks to Jack King-Spooner


Incredible thing:

I found out there was a The Fifth Element playstation game which just HAPPENS to use one of the same 'button' sound effects which I put in my flying taxi game!!!!!!1 By the way that game looks s1k one

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JellyGal 6 months ago
Here's individual reviews for each one.

Taxi is a game I found oddly compelling. It's got an interesting atmosphere and some very nice music. The gameplay is basically just a minigame, it's the mood of the game I like a lot.

Wuste has an amazing atmosphere, and is really creepy. I think it might have a cryptic story to tell, too. Not sure if I finished it, but I'm at a place where I can't seem to do anything else.

Wow, can't say I expected THAT from a game called "Ground Stooge". It's surprisingly dark, and I really love it. Pretty sure it's got some kinda story behind it. Highly recommended.

Horse Pastry... oh god, just no.

Old Man Stuck in the Desert has a nice atmosphere, but the game itself is small and (from what I can tell) it has no end, you just wander around until you exit the game.

Space Cheese isn't really a game from what I can tell, and I'm not sure how long it goes on. All I have to say about it is "Mmmhm, this IS a tasty burgah!"

Space Stooge is very heavy on atmosphere, and is has an interesting story to tell. The sound design is brilliant and the visuals are great. Easily my favourite game of this anthology.

Not sure what to do in War Mollusk. I think you're intended to get to the flag, but I can't get rid of that rock. The characters keep going faster, and it might be just that I have to wait, but I do not like waiting.

Overall, I recommend trying out this anthology.
nuuup 9 months ago
wat da fuq
Wolfswood 1 year ago
You should make a stooge triology
Pyrite 1 year ago
I have not a clue why everyone thinks these games are so wonderful. Maybe I wasn't playing them right. I liked Space Stooge, I'll admit. But the rest, as far as I could tell weren't even worth calling games. I mean, could you do nothing in Old Man in the Desert but move a cluster of pixels around? Can all you do is walk until you glitch and fall out of the world? What about Wuste?? Am I supposed to be waiting for something to happen or is that all it does it show scribbles with a scrolling background? Not even the Taxi one I found to be anything less than a waste of time. In Space Cheese is all you can do watch a piece of animated cheese, with a scrolling background behind it that plays annoying sounds? It's a horrid pack of games, as far as I see, and gave me a headache. Until you can explain what this is and how I'm obviously not doing something right I'm leaving this with one star.
MoarKrabs 1 year ago
You're doing something wrong.
Wolfswood 1 year ago
This aint your type of soup obviously...
Creeper 1 year ago
WTF is this??!?
Fosterres 1 year ago
I just played the games. Can someone explain to me why this game is "so great?"
Theninthworld 1 year ago
These are beautiful. Heavy Rain better watch its back...
Neural 1 year ago
Sick games. Loved them
Retsamuga 1 year ago
space stooge is awesome :D. Nice creative "game sketches", they are amazing ideas, like the one from the taxi, i love how there is another game when you lose
orange 1 year ago
very interesting stuff you've got here my good man
Milkyandingding Game's Developer
Milkyandingding 1 year ago
thanks orange08

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