Sluggish Morss: A Delicate Time in History

Sluggish Morss: A Delicate Time in History

By Jack Spinoza - Added On 2/17/2013

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A game about space time by Jack King-Spooner & Jake Clover. 

Arrow Keys - Move            Space - action yo               Escape - menu/ close

Nota bene: Might encounter problems on windows XP and older. Sorry in advance.

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Only air and birds everywhere but the thing was there was no place to land because there was no land.So they just circled around and around because this was before the world began and the sound was deafening. Songbirds were everywhere.Billions and billions and billions of birds.

One of these birds was a lark and one day her father died and this was a really big problem because what should they do with the body? There was no place to put the body because there was no earth.
Finally the lark had a solution. She decided to bury her father in the back of her own head. And this was the beginning of memory because before this no one could remember a thing. They were just constantly flying in circles. Constantly flying in huge circles.

Thanks to Modern Algebra, Hanzo Kimura and Yanfly for additional scripts!!

Another Sluggish Morrs here:

And all the people's faces, thanks yo.

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kinseyost 4 months ago
Impressive game, very eerie feeling all over. Great soundtrack. I feel like I found myself whilst playing this crazy existential piece of art. Great job!
Scythegeist 7 months ago
Okay, lets see where I start. Wow, im impressed. What a huge work you did here. Excellent. I did not know that it is possible to drain that much out of the RPG Maker. It just is freaking awesome. Never saw such an intellectual-Uber-arty piece made in RPG Mkr. You truly are one hell of a dev. Im speechless to say at least. Then the game seems very deeply, and not just scratching on the videogames surface. Somehow you define the Videogame as a media per se. I must say, its not the game mechanics but how the presentation is and also how the whole experience is, and beleive me this is Uber-Awesome. One question reminds, why is "Green Fingers" in the game? And what is the purpose of asking? If there is any Poetry in Videogames, then perhaps Sluggish Morrs is the father of this. Reminds me strongy because of the visuals on The Cat Lady. Somehow a similar experience with more gameplay. The end song I find a bit rude, but i giess its devs freedom. And your bg arts are still very attracting. Love the whole "rollercoaster" of the game and yes if there is one last Intellectual indie dev, then perhpas It is you. I give a 5 outta 5. Anything less is an insult on that great great game.
nuuup 8 months ago
Liked it
Padrik 9 months ago
Not so much a game but a medium to inspire self reflection. If you go in trying to make sense of the game itself, you'll just scratch your head and go "Eh?"

But dig just a liiiiiittle bit deeper and really ponder the statements and what's being asked and you'll find the experience that much more rewarding. You just gotta see this one first hand.
oreosszz 11 months ago
I wish i could play this on the mac :( but it looks great
TinaBorschunn 1 year ago
Doom_Fan 1 year ago
is this a sequel to the original?
or is this the first one?
empty fortress
empty fortress 1 year ago
This is all I've ben wanting in life, and more.
MoarKrabs 1 year ago
Anxiety = uncertainty x powerlessness
ko3ak 1 year ago
Masterpiece, nothing much to say.

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