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This is my entry for Game Jolts  demake competition.

It is a simplified version of the rogue-like game.

Arrow Keys / Numeric Keypad for movement/ 1st turn this LEDom Virtual Machine on with mouse.

The character automatically takes and uses objects. No artifacts, no stats (only hp,mp,exp) , no magic (ice,fire,acid) resistance.  There is only one character profession - Warrior ( maybe magician in a future ).

Those who have not played yet in any of the rogue-like game, strongly recommend to play, before playing in this version:)

[edited] - I Insist... 1st play any roguelike game.

For those who are not familiar with the topic, I recommend a look here:


Short instructions for those who did not become familiar with the rogue-like games.
You start the game, as a bully adventurous, without skills, without armor and weapons. your task is to penetrate the next levels of the underworld - you have to find a way out, breaking through the hordes of wild dots:) Along the way are various items that will help you a bit. Gaining experience, level up your character.

oh yes. If you are using Windows 7. To download latest gfx drivers is a must.

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Aurecas 1 week ago
Cool game. Very original!
1_b5c12d 1 month ago
I know this game is a good game simply been saying so :D
powerpoint45 3 years ago
nice game
-Xanphion- 4 years ago
i dont know why this hasnt been featured yet...its been in the top 5 forever
Future Bots inc.
Future Bots inc. 4 years ago
Challenging but great! Could use a little tweaking like main menus, cut scenes, story line progressing Ect... Still, a good game and worth playing!
-Xanphion- 4 years ago
nice...back on top.
Qazi Ishtiyaq Ahmad
Nice One! (*_*)
LonePaladin 4 years ago
Seems to run a little TOO fast, to be honest. Enemy dots that move around tend to be hard to track; when I try to attack them, they end up moving into a spot that's different from where I'm moving to -- which means I run past them, giving them free hits.

Also, when I die (which is often, but expected for a roguelike), I end up in this large room with several dozen red dots and no exits. Since a single keypress causes respawning, this means I see no transition between dying and turning up in this room.

Lastly, two questions. First, what do the different colors mean on the equipment LEDs? Second, why does it seem like the character passes some item dots without showing what the items were?
gn0me Game's Developer
gn0me 4 years ago
thx for a comment. Unfortunately right now this game is no longer developed. ;/ Maybe i will fix all glitches, add some features in some time.
Link3000 4 years ago
Good concept, but would benefit from faster gameplay.
gn0me Game's Developer
gn0me 4 years ago
Just wondering. If you've played any roguelike game before ? Im curious if game is slow just like any other roguelike game ? Or its slower? If its slower - khem... then its bugged :) Perhaps your gfx card is NVIDIA ? If so... I think i got an answer.
Link3000 4 years ago
Nope, not nVidia. I meant the speed at which I could move. :<
Xanphion 4 years ago
Nice, loved it. this was before the 8 bit game, making the mother of all game creation
...and you remade it 5/5

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