Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare

By Ivan Zanotti - Added On 10/12/2012

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Posted By Chris Priestman 10/8/2013

Barely a year old, Ivan Zanotti’s Imscared – A Pixelated Nightmare has already picked up a huge cult following and will probably be going into the horror game history books (if there’s ever such a thing). I’d tell you why, but that would be spoiling the surprise. This is where I perform a throat-cackingly evil laugh, I think.

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What an interesting concept. I find this to be better than 7 Days, which was fun in it's own right.
Sketchpad Games Studios
You don't expect a game like this to scare you too much, I certainly didn't. It still scared me. It is creepy and atmospheric, and I like that in a horror game. The whole idea of a ghost in the wires of your PC is ingenious and I would love to see more like it.

Great Job Ivan.
Ps: How did you do the whole create txt files through GML?
michael100 3 days ago
i cant get it to work.i ran it on windows media,internet explorer but it still wont work.every time i click open a page flashes and then goes away
Dell Conagher
Dell Conagher 3 days ago
Hello, Ivan. This is a really interesting game, though I hate that white face. Creepy stuff, man. I see it has been made with Game Maker. I use Game Maker as well. You use 8.0, or older or newer versions? My question is, what code or script did you use for the game being able to create files on your computer? That's what really intrigues me.
Igoraraujo 4 days ago
uberross 4 days ago
Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare is an unforgetable experience unlike any other. Pixels alone may be the only thing that keeps you intact with your sanity as you play through this horrifying and immersive nightmare, because if the game were any chance slightly realistic, I certainly wouldn't be able to play it because of how terrified I would be! The atomosphere is phenomenal and that's extremely hard to say when it comes to games of a more simplistic nature. The scares are perfectly placed and come as unexpected as they can, leaving you guessing when you're going to see the antagonist again. The best part of this is how unforgettable it is, and how that simple and iconic pixelated face will stay lodged in your brain for months at a time, always making you think of that same heart stopping sound that predicts it's arrival. All in all Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare cannot be missed, and I'll always have a special place for it in my heavily beating heart. I cannot wait for future products from Ivan Zanotti.
Snowstorm 4 days ago
The game crashes after I click OK when it says "I made something for you." Fix?
Ivan Zanotti Game's Developer
Ivan Zanotti 4 days ago
Maybe You just need to answer... properly to the question, to go further ;)
CatFluff 5 days ago
Ivan, a suggestion : let a GJ moderator know that Supertoken6 is spamming your excellent game. The GJ moderator might ban him, because spamming is against the rules of Game Jolt

Thank you.
Supertoken6 5 days ago
I heared that. Now I'm sad and you don't even care. :,(
Mike MacDee
Mike MacDee 5 days ago
He's been warned by three mods now. Let me know if he keeps harassing you.
Supertoken6 6 days ago
I actually like this game. It was fun.
AGoodGameMaker 5 days ago
Please stop spaming
uberross 4 days ago
Super, can you do us all a favor and shut the fuck up?

Supertoken6 6 days ago
Oh. Well my dad and I played that game. After I beat it, he opened up a tab ( I didn't know what it was) and saw some things from the game. It was security so we had to restore the computer.

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