I See You

I See You

By CatOverlord - Added On 4/10/2013

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Inspired by I'm Scared

In this game, a person finds themself trapped in a hospital. Find the keys to unlock the doors and escape. Average Gameplay Length is about 15-20 minutes 

Original Soundtrack by ManixZero soundcloud.com/manixzero

Voice by Amtrax amtrax.tumblr.com

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Posted By Chris Priestman 10/22/2013

Although I See You bears many resemblances to (and is inspired by) the claustrophobic and blocky 3D style of imscared: a pixelated nightmare, it has enough of its own ideas and scares that make it a fantastic horror game in its own right.

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DCN 2 weeks ago
When i first played this game a while back i was actually scared shitless. i liked the graphics and everything flowed together well and no glitching
queendingus 2 weeks ago
I applaud I See You for it's implementation of less generic horror along with run-of-the-mill jump scares and gore. Interacting with the user beyond the game and ominous in-game dialog boxes eliminated any sort of protection felt by having a narrator or even control over when it truly ends. The gore was cheesy, but I enjoyed the atmosphere of corruption later in the game.
4/5, but made kudos for breaking the fourth wall so chillingly.
CatOverlord Game's Developer
CatOverlord 2 weeks ago
In reply to your other comment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGBfOoJl51U This person recorded themselves getting the secret ending. Glad you enjoyed the game!
Potatoes_Cx 3 weeks ago
This game seriously creeped me the hell out, and I'm still pretty scared and I finished the game over 2 hours ago O.o....anyways, It's a really good game! Good job! 10/10!
Swift 3 weeks ago
omggggg how the hell u ppl make so good fps i tried learning on youtube but its so like....... old.... pls tell me
Talat 4 weeks ago
It was nice, but; not that much.
bowlingotter 1 month ago
dat ending tho
Kiler_DiLeo Games
Kiler_DiLeo Games 1 month ago
Man, this **** is scary as ****! And by **** mean shit! Only one eye watching remembers me EYES - The Horror Game!
josephbrussell7 1 month ago
Ok, i don't know if i WON the game or not. I won't spoil anything but i got to a certain part of the game where....a piece of bread was involved and it covered the whole ream. i couldn't stop laughing xD was that it though? or did i miss something lol
CatOverlord Game's Developer
CatOverlord 1 month ago
That was the secret ending. To get the real ending just stick to using the doors.
queendingus 2 weeks ago
I've played this game a few times through and I have yet to get anywhere involving bread. Where the heck did you go?!
Joshallangaming 1 month ago
This game was so fucking fun to play, and it was that type of eerie scary that made my heart sink to my feet. I commend you for a fantastic game, I'm rendering my let's play to it as I type. Thankyou for putting your time and effort into this for our enjoyment, it's appreciated.
the8flo 1 month ago
This is awesome O_O

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