I See You

I See You

By CatOverlord - Added On 4/10/2013

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Inspired by I'm Scared

In this game, a person finds themself trapped in a hospital. Find the keys to unlock the doors and escape. Average Gameplay Length is about 15-20 minutes 

Original Soundtrack by ManixZero soundcloud.com/manixzero

Voice by Amtrax amtrax.tumblr.com

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Posted By Chris Priestman 10/22/2013

Although I See You bears many resemblances to (and is inspired by) the claustrophobic and blocky 3D style of imscared: a pixelated nightmare, it has enough of its own ideas and scares that make it a fantastic horror game in its own right.

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Nurahk_Games 1 day ago
Wondering if there is a way to get this game in Windowed mode.
this is probably the best horror game I have ever played 3spooky5me
Killedbybadger 6 days ago
Very cool game I really enjoyed it, the hospital type set-up always freaks me out, if interested checkout my play-through of the game http://youtu.be/kHEEEJ_bb4k
2shoe 1 week ago
Man this game was great especially the ending after you quit the game ;). I had a lot of fun playing it and I love the sound effects in the game. I can't wait to see more by you. Here is my play on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBVC6T2sSY8
Taco Bot Productions
God, you had to make me pee myself, didn't you? SCARIEST. FREAKING. 4TH WALL BREAKS. EVER.
time_ 3 weeks ago
Fantastic game!
ZedDirection 4 weeks ago
This game was amazing! I like how it used the browser and fake crashes to really make it eerie. Really good pixel horror game!

Here's my gameplay for anyone interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=819jHw8aZME
acorns 4 weeks ago
Hmm, I guess I could say that their attempts to scare me were not as good as I expected. It was short, and I definitely feel like they tried to copy imscared. I didn't even jump once. I guess if you like walking through hospital corridors and having a bunch of "messages" appearing on your screen, while trying to collect keys than this is the game for you. I just wasn't scared easily. 6/10
noskillrequired 4 weeks ago
I love pixel horror, and this one was great! Well worth playing :)

Check out my playthrough here! http://youtu.be/TUWLsFGMZmk
Equinoxous 1 month ago
Ok. First of all, I'm really surprised that I even touched this game because for some reason I am quite terrified of Low-Res, Pixelated games, and the reason why, I think, is because they actually put a lot of effort trying to scare you. I do not like these games but if you want a quick scare I would recommend it. I will play these games because they actually bring out the fear in me.
Amazing, scary game :)

Check out how much of a wimp I am in the gameplay :D

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Developer: CatOverlord
Genre: Other
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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