I See You

I See You

By CatOverlord - Added On 4/10/2013

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Inspired by I'm Scared

In this game, a person finds themself trapped in a hospital. Find the keys to unlock the doors and escape. Average Gameplay Length is about 15-20 minutes 

Original Soundtrack by ManixZero soundcloud.com/manixzero

Voice by Amtrax amtrax.tumblr.com

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Posted By Chris Priestman 10/22/2013

Although I See You bears many resemblances to (and is inspired by) the claustrophobic and blocky 3D style of imscared: a pixelated nightmare, it has enough of its own ideas and scares that make it a fantastic horror game in its own right.

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Kabutak 1 day ago
I grabbed this game because I heard it was inspired by Imscared, which I loved. Unfortunately, when I try to run the game it loads up a picture of some eyes and then freezes completely. Is there a cause or fix for this bug? I would very much like a chance to play it. I'm running Windows 8.1 by the way.
Gemdigo 2 days ago
much stake I really liked the 3D design with pixels I stick pretty well to the comparison with your other games and I liked it because it inspired in (im scared) and I really liked that game the truth this is better and longer psychologized XD
AnomalousAnima 2 days ago
Oh I love this game. I t's verywell made, delivers a real good creepfactor and develops the tension just at the right pace. I did a Let's Play on it and I was really amazed. Very well done.
bornforgames6 4 days ago
Can't download, whenever I click the download button nothing happens, tried reloading the page many time still no good :/
CatOverlord Game's Developer
CatOverlord 3 days ago
which game version are you trying to get? Both just worked for me. Maybe I can make a temporary download link for you?
bornforgames6 3 days ago
It's all good now, It got downloaded finally, and Nice game I loved the concept
tomjenkins7927 2 weeks ago
Love the concept and atmosphere .
joelbenedito98 2 weeks ago
Very nice, I hope this Project will became more interesting in future. I'm not scared because I known this game before. Thanks for the experience.
RILEYTHEBRO 3 weeks ago
Cat overlord I have bought a one of your eye pictures on that website where u buy stuff and whenever I go into my room that eye gets me everytime
crazynessherself 1 month ago
Started off slow, didn't scare much but the atmosphere was great,scared me once real good.
NotTasmin 1 month ago
what software do i need in order to open it once it is downloaded? im sorry i dont technology at all
CatOverlord Game's Developer
CatOverlord 1 month ago
Download a program called winrar. It's free and you'll probably end up using it a lot more often than just to open my game. Once you open the .rar file you have to put the contents somewhere else on your computer before playing (like your desktop or a new folder). A lot of people don't do this and it messes up the ending.
Nurahk_Games 1 month ago
Wondering if there is a way to get this game in Windowed mode.
CatOverlord Game's Developer
CatOverlord 1 month ago
Not without use of some third party software sorry.

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