I Remember The Rain

By Jordan Browne - Added On 6/21/2012

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'I Remember The Rain' is an interactive short story made in New Zealand over a period of about a month. A lot of emphasis was placed on mood and atmosphere with the intention of creating something cinematic within retro aesthetics.

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Mishamy 3 hours ago
I enjoyed the game very much. However, i think that it would´ve been better if there were some flashbacks just to create some memories and develop some kind of emotional attachment to the female character and also, it would´ve made the game longer, it was only 10 minutes long! Besides from that, excelent game, great music, nice art.
Here´s my gameplay:
ThisLovelyLife 2 days ago
Amazing game that delivers a powerful message within a few short minutes.
Airshippirate89 4 days ago
Beautifully done squire.
Sorry I had to remove your audio and replace it, I don't know why, but it kept clipping when I was recording.
Hope to see similar works in the near future.
Godrekefalcer 5 days ago
I did a playthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKks73UmfeY
But I mostly just watched as the game took me through the ringer in gameplay that was based on such realistic truth that I got heart broken.
It tells a tale that needs to be learned of love, loss and recovery that everyone learns through their lives.
Denilson_Castanho 5 days ago
This game is very good.
I very highly recommend .
MyLostSilver 1 week ago
A.K.A: Feels: the game
brunohpnunes 1 week ago
It's a good game. It has very simple graphics and good soundtrack to create a "depressive" atmosphere. Though it's a very short game, you can still get the message it is trying to send.
BioBronyDigitals 1 week ago
disappointing game, repetitive soundtrack.
i expected it to be a real artistic game like Presentable Liberty or The Static Speaks My Name, but it was really bad. i usually cry from games like these but this one was just bad enough to make me feel nothing. its an incredible concept but really badly executed.
Nightwing Entertainment
That's deep bro. The story was impressive even if it was realy realy short. I don't like the linear playthrough either. I didn't had anny choice afterall, had I? You should have given the player ad least the feeling to have something to do.
In the description you say: "A lot of emphasis was placed on mood and atmosphere" and that's right. As I said the story was verry well told and that was your intention I think.
DemonXGames 1 week ago
I very much enjoyed the story it told, the graphics are very nice as well and the game ran smooth. The sound was a bit off on my end but that could be due to attempting to record it.
The voice acting needed a bit of work but otherwise it was done very well. When I talked to the old man in the church he didn't sound very old (in fact he sounded more like a 30 or 40 year old and looked about 60!).
The only other thing I can say is that a few of my friends watched my playthrough and said the storyline felt TOO linear. Although I don't really mind that (I like playing more Visual Novels than anything nowadays), I feel others might dislike it. Telling a story through pixels is still a luxury.

https://youtu.be/MA5he3xWzgA (No Commentary)
NOTE: If you have any problems with me uploading gameplay of your game, inform me as soon as possible and I will take it down immediately. uvu
Jordan Browne Game's Developer
Jordan Browne 1 week ago
Haha, you guessed his real age pretty accurately! The linearity is an interesting criticism I've had around this but not something I particularly have a problem with since it is so short. If there were a few hours of content it would be more necessary to have options or at least ways to break up the interactivity. Hopefully I can address some of these concerns in future works though. LP videos are how games like this get out there so I'm glad you liked it enough to make a video out of it. Thanks for playing!

Game Info

Developer: Jordan Browne
Genre: Other
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Mild Realistic Violence
Drug Reference
Mild Language

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