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A simple programming game that allows editing of scripts while the game is still being run. The scripts control the AI of some combatants in a Quake III-style game. 

The game can be used as a tool to get people interested in coding, or simply as a competitive game between different code.

The included "Basic Coder" is also a tool for non-programmers to create scripts. This will hopefully encourage more people to take up programming, whether as a career or hobby. Also, the tool can be used to understand some basic programming principals in a non-overwhelming way. :)

Some extensibility provided to create a simple sandbox environment. A "director" AI can be programmed to alter the dynamics of the game for a customizable experience. The "director" can also add custom entities that it would control. 

Scripts are currently written in-game in C#, but any .NET language should be supported when developing with Visual Studio.

(Source code available at: http://dumbbotsnet.codeplex.com)

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afterworldStudios 6 months ago
2 for this
braffolk 1 year ago
Pretty useful thing to start learning programming.

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Developer: McSyko
Genre: Other
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: C#
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