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This is the first time I made a visual novel / dating sim using the Ren'Py engine.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Warning: This game contains partial nudity, sexual themes, written violence, and censored strong language.

About: A short visual novel about a high-school boy admiring an indie film director who attends the same school as him. Will he be able to tell her his true feelings? Or just screw up and continue to stalk her like what he always do? Either way, he's not a lady's man to run his love life smoothly.

-Over 10 endings in total.
-More than 20 character sprites.
-50+ CG in-game artworks.
-20+ additional gallery artworks.

-Short story
-No audio
-640x480 resolution
-May possibly contain grammatical errors

Says I got an easter egg artwork, but it didn't show up in the CG gallery. Is this a bug?
A: Yes. Please redownload the game (fixed since version 1.01) and repeat the path. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: The animation in the CG gallery appears black. Is there a way to fix this?
A: Your system doesn't have the codec required to play it. I suggest downloading a codec pack like "K-Lite".

Q: Is the hooded person the black-haired girl?
A: No.

Q: Walkthrough?

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Brownies 3 days ago
Interesting game i enjoyed how each play-through made the story line a little different, very fun finding all the endings
Also I like the janitor he seems like a cool guy :P
EikoTG 6 days ago
Awesome game !
kydary 1 week ago

I absolutely loved this game, you sir are a genius. I agree with Shantlh19 that I too questioned myself if the circumstance were to arise in my own life, would I be willing to accept Cerise and even fall in love with a hermaphrodite. I truly cannot answer that, not even now unless I were to experience that within my own life. I also believe that your ingenious use of "her" as an explanation that their world is fiction and not the reality, depending on the users input is whether what happens, and would want love outside of the game, towards the user themselves. Even though this is scripted as much as anything else in the game, it seems like the most real. It was indeed beautiful and for that I commend you. This also brings up a question to myself and possibly to others is the basis of living is a memory or sentience, I will remember this story probably until I pass away, but does that make the characters real, do the characters need sentience to be real? This is even directed towards animation/anime. Do they need sentience for me to actually sympathize or feel a base emotion or desire for them? Whatever it may be, I again commend you for a great work of ART and beautifully written and scripted it is. These characters are real still in my eyes at least. Thank you for such a great story, and I am passing this along to all my friends and people I believe who would recognize something so masterful themselves. Thank you.
steelther 1 week ago
PLZ make more games like this I love this game.
Yamigami 2 weeks ago
amazing game
shantih19 2 weeks ago

I want to add something compared to my previous comment. After that, he unlocked all the endings, I ran out of Google translator (I'm Italian, and write a comment so long in English it seemed impossible, D), and I wrote this comment. This in my opinion is the best story I've ever seen told in this way. This is the first visual novel I've ever played, but after having tried other I think that there is no comparison. Maybe I will too sentimentalist, but I hit a lot of things. It is wonderful to the final with Cerise, because after seeing it, I asked myself .. - I would never have done the same thing he did Ceil? -... After this, I thought that, I would have done (I would like very much to 'friendship) and so I started from that moment, to immerse myself in many aspects of all the characters. I saw, in the extras, the anime, and I thought the idea was wonderful. I'm hoping for a sequel, or something else that might be of the same kind at the beginning ... The creator points out that he is not a good writer, and I said to myself - meh, it will not be anything that -... And instead I know now that I was wrong ... Thank you for creating this fantastic story, and I hope that many teachings in mind when I come back I do not know what to do. :)
shantih19 2 weeks ago
Loved this game!!!! But getting all finals seems to be an hard job...
alyssaranola 2 weeks ago
-NO SPOILERS in first part, references do not spoil-
Very nice, very cute - and a surprisingly substantial amount of love/friendship lessons and deep meaning. I didn't expect that it would change sometimes. It was also pretty hilarious - especially with the binoculars; that was clever and it's discreetness made it so much more funny. Honestly, the game deceived me; I thought it would be so much more.. to be honest, mediocre than it turned out to be. I will say firmly that I was wrong - it was fun, deep, sexy, and quite a ride.

-SPOILERS from here on-

I loved the characters, too. They had shocking depth; I liked "her" the best, I would say - she blew my mind. I liked neither Cerise nor the director; Ceil... Was hot.. And I liked "her" when she broke down, and the end picture for that. Also, the first "let's leave Cerise alone and go play that video game" was so depressing, omg. Like, literally worse than an "omg Cerise isn't here screw it I'm going home", it was like a personal failure type thing, a personal excuse like "heh... Maybe Charmie's right, girls aren't worth it.." and then just him crying while pretending to smile, like, wow, deep.
I cannot stress enough how much this game surprised me. I didn't see this coming at all. The grammatical errors and the storyline to me, made me feel: "Heh. Quaint, but not supreme." But then I was like "hmm, what if I had picked that instead" and made good use of the "skip" and the "save" - and I just - Wow. I think I realized when he went, ".. Unless nobody will reclaim the binoculars after two play throughs of the game". Then the game began to be more than a game; I was aware of how the multiple endings gave it multiple personalities; and I worked so hard, and it started to mean so much to me, and then it just became so real. It was so real of an experience to me, and it was very satisfying in all its fullness. (Also, in reference to the extras - I'm glad you switched it to 2d; there was more detail and it just much better suited the story - and it looked much better; it is beautiful visually the way it is.)
It just takes so much patience, god. But the wait is well worth it, it really just is. (It really took a lot of effort - that is, in remembering what different decision combinations should be tried which may bring a different ending - and patience, so much patience - lol. I never work that hard anymore.)
It was so much more deep than I thought it was, it caught me by surprise. You worked so hard - good freaking job, good freaking job. You made a story full of memorable lessons and unforgettable, diverse, special characters.
The only problem now is hoping that that sweet art and the beautiful lessons remain in my mind.
Thank you, sir, for making this. I have you among the best indie game creators in my mind, from here until the day I forget (which hopefully will not soon or unreasonably come).

Here are some comments I made while playing the game:
... Unless no one is claiming it through two play throughs of this game.

"DUDE I thought the person who made this was really, really dense. I mean, the original foundation of the plot was pretty flowery and I applauded them for that, but it was still simple; it was cliched because of the cliched phrases and the cliched love story plot - but then this shiz came in, and it's just..
pretty clever. It takes some patience to see the goodness in its variety though.
lol, since it's so unorthodox, it's hilarious, too, with the whipping and that one binocular-breaking of the fourth wall
it takes so much patience. I'm so glad I stuck out for it, it's lovely."

"This is the most retarded game. (the whip part)"

"It broke the fourth wall.... for underwear.
specifically for underwear."

In general I learned so freaking much from this
I love you game creator ;-;
Saylon 2 weeks ago
I just was trying to see all the endings, but i got traumatized with some of them... I think it's enough delz for this life xD
KrazyButtStabber 2 weeks ago
wtf have no idea wtf was happening in the ending i got and dont wanna talk about it wtf
KrazyButtStabber 2 weeks ago
finished all the endings WTF

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Developer: Mike Inel
Genre: Other
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Ren'Py


Realistic Violence
Brief Nudity
Suggestive Themes
Mild Language
Crass Humor

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