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By coollog - Added On 1/16/2010

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Coollog's Online Engine

The online engine began by revising the online engine I wrote to make my History of a Revolution game. It was originally intended to be used to make my Veggies Vs. Fruits online, but I decided to make it into an engine to help GMC users. It's key features are its separation of functions into organized scripts, the use of constants for convenient reading, and its optimized package sending. Credit is appreciated :D.

GMC Topic:

Visit the Website to download and for more information.

This engine is well documented with comments explaining most of the code written.

This engine also comes equipped with a GUI to rapidly develop a simple online game.

This engine was originally created in GM7, but saved now as a GM8 file.

Some built in features include:

Multiline chatting with colors and scrolling.

Account registering/login.

Online checking of ip and serviced port.

Server-sided commands, such as



Checking if a port is open

Server closing with wait for all clients to save and disconnect.

Extension for 39dll with documented functions.

Support the Engine

Place these codes on your website or forum signatures:

HTML: <a href=""><img src="" title="Optimized feature-rich GM online multiplayer engine with a 39dll extension!"></a>

BB Code (GMC): [url=""][img][/img][/url]

What You Made

If you made a game with this engine, feel free to contact me or post your game's name so I can add it to this list.

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Game Info

Developer: coollog
Genre: Other
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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