Blues for Mittavinda

Blues for Mittavinda

By Jack Spinoza - Added On 3/10/2013

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a game about chaos for the Gamejolt competition 01/03/2013

Arrows: move

Space: actions

Escape: Menu

alt+ENTER: Full screen

In his right hand he held a long string of smooth beads, which he rubbed one at a time while he visualized each member of his family, then his friends, and lastly those about whom he had harbored unkind thoughts. All these people he then embraced mentally, directing thoughts of loving kindness toward them. This exercise over, he began concentrating on the word death, more or less in the manner outlined above, fingering each bead as he focused on the word. 

Mindfulness meditation adapted from Vipassana

Thanks to Modern Algebra, Hanzo Kimura and Yanfly for additional scripts!!

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Indie Statik

Indie Statik Impression

Posted By Chris Priestman 3/12/2013

We’ve come to learn that when entering a game by Jack King-Spooner, we should expect absurd depictions of fantastical lands and beasts painted with brash art and claymation. The writing matches the world it tells of, with philosphical meanderings only outdone in their message by the trashy vocals of a grouchy denizen who cares only for piss and expletives. But after finishing up Sluggish Morss: A Delicate Time In History, Jack has decided to place his next two games against different considerations that might even be the opposite of his normal approach. Such is the case with Blues For Mittavinda.

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Arthouse Games
Arthouse Games 2 months ago
very poetic, very beautiful
zer0n 6 months ago
... is the game over?
Scythegeist 7 months ago
Hi, there, Jack, I was impressed by the art of Mittavinda, and I don´t like too long games, but Mittavinda just was right, and the end is sooo cool...Thanks
Cloak and Dagger Games
atmospheric and brilliant.
afterworldStudios 11 months ago
3 for this
clydebink 11 months ago
I am a fish. Is the game over?
pumbertop 11 months ago
no game has made me feel more emotional than this. more games need to be inspired by david foster wallace, apparently. thank you.
KiRin 11 months ago
This is a really good game. A game that gets you to think. Not as in the puzzle-solving way, but more like a reflection. Gets me in the 'philosopher mood'. The meditation was a amazing experience. The voice was really good. Actually, this is probably the best meditation i have ever done. Keep on going man you're good.

ps. this is my first time commenting here. hehe.
Hatchjaw 1 year ago
Until I played this, I'd never succeeded in meditating. Thanks for the new experience! Also, I love the music and would definitely be interested in an extended soundtrack.
Dan. 1 year ago
I love this game. Simply in my top 3 most favorites. Well done, my friend!

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Developer: Jack Spinoza
Genre: Other
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: RPG Maker VX
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