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Knight Runner

By Dax - Added On 11/3/2012


Knight Runner: Update 1.1

By Dax on 12/4/2012

Lots of changes! Mostly bugs, some gameplay features:

-Numerous bugs destroyed! (Yes!)

- Edgar the Knight's got some heavier boots! (rate of fall has increased slightly)


- Skeleton sword colliders have been adjusted to fight against unjustly deaths

- The Wraith's boombox will now adhere to your music volume settings

- New Record bug hopefully fixed

- New powerup notification will pop up on the center of the screen (Double Jump, Turbo, and Flight)

- Spawn system revamped.  Gems, enemies, and powerups spread out more regularly (Higher bonuses yay!)

- Silver feather's speed has been reduced slightly

- The Wraith now drops a crimson gem, which gives you a ton of points (combined with bonus multiplier, you may be surprised).

- The Wraith spawn chance has been normalized (1 out of every 20)

- More bugs...


Thank you all for your feedback, without it I couldn't make this a better game than it is now!

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