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By Bancho Games on 5/14/2014

Yeah so somebody pointed out to me today that the lifebars drain in the opposite direction you'd expect for a traditional fighting game so I decided to just patch a whole bunch of things while I fixed it. So here's the log:


-Lifebars now mirror traditional fighting games

-Fixed the jab issue that let you cheese the CPU (mainly Stu) by jabbing constantly, and thus making the game harder

-Retouched and redid a large amount of the audio

-Removed a frame from the jab animation, which allows for some crazy wombo combos

-Johnny's super no longer randomly hit high or low. You now hold low for the low version. You can tell which version he is using by following the direction his skin turns gold from (top to bottom or bottom to top)

-Fixed numerous glitches regarding invincibility on supers. You should now be able to punish whiffed supers properly

-Animations were buffed

-And a few minor things here and there


I know I'm a year late but oh well. Thanks for playing.

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ImaVagabond 1 year ago

NIIIIIICE thanks dude, I really enjoy playing the game :D


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