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By TheSnidr - Added On 10/27/2013


Doomshark now has highscores

By TheSnidr on 11/5/2013

I've implemented a highscore system in Doomshark , so now you can compete against others' highscores in Competitive Mode! This mode is faster and more challenging! It records how many times you miss a ring and how many times you're hit by bullets or obstacles, the lower the better. I don't think it's possible to get 0, but that's up to you to find out!

This mode is unlocked when you complete Story Mode. However, you can activate it anyway by pressing "U" when on the menu screen. This is just inc ase you've played the story mode before and just want to give competitive mode a try.

This addition is in progress. Right now it's very rudimentary and uses the built-in dialog system in GM, and the code is pretty much just copied over from the example file! It works though!

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