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  • New version out now!

    Collapse, Collide v2 is out now!Play through secret levels (if You can find them, obviously!) and try to beat the game in hard mode without checkpoints!Good luck, player, and have fun!

    Posted On: 11/27/2012
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  • Almost done

    The final version of "Collapse, Collide" is almost done!- Bug fixed;- Three secret levels added;Stay tuned, guys! =)

    Posted On: 11/22/2012
    Views: 489
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  • New "Collapse, Collide" version soon

    Hello, GameJolt!I'm going to release a new version of "Collapse, Collide" soon: here's a todo list for the new features!- Bugs fixing (sorry about that, really);- "Easy Mode" will be the main...

    Posted On: 11/14/2012
    Views: 545
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