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By BigRob154 - Added On 11/8/2009

News Archive

  • Windows Executable available

    Get it while it's hot :) No more security dialogs. Just download, extract the ZIP-File and Play :)

    Posted On: 1/20/2010
    Views: 370
    Comments: 0
  • Mac OS X Application Bundle

    OS X Application bundle is available now. No more security dialogs.

    Posted On: 1/19/2010
    Views: 303
    Comments: 0
  • Astroiz 0.5 released

    The next big update is out Improvements:- Launcher (persistent settings)- Fullscreen-Mode (Resolution Selector)- Music- New style for all Menus- Credits- Shake effect- Localization (English,...

    Posted On: 1/18/2010
    Views: 386
    Comments: 0
  • Localization support

    Localization support is integrated now. In the next update you can select English and German language settings. If somebody wants to translate some texts into other languages (French, Spain,...

    Posted On: 1/16/2010
    Views: 287
    Comments: 0
  • Launcher

    I finished the first version of the Astroiz-Launcher. There you can switch to fullscreen and select your desired display mode. Prepare for the next update, it's coming soon...

    Posted On: 1/14/2010
    Views: 302
    Comments: 0
  • Fullscreen-Mode is coming

    Fullscreen is coming in the next release Size matters: - More space for shooting Astroiz- Longer time to survive Prepare your engines and warm-up your guns. (Added new Screenshot taken at 1440 x...

    Posted On: 1/14/2010
    Views: 179
    Comments: 0
  • Version 0.4 is out!

    Get the latest release while it's hot! - Fixed high fps, delta update and capped to 60 fps- New Main-Screen, cleaner and more style- Implemented first Option for SFX volume- Developed simple GUI...

    Posted On: 1/10/2010
    Views: 200
    Comments: 0
  • Pimped Up Interface and a new Logo

    The next update is coming soon (tm) :) - Mouse and Keyboard driven Menus- New Logo- Cleaned- / Pimped-Up Interface- New Instructions Screenshots

    Posted On: 1/6/2010
    Views: 164
    Comments: 0
  • New sounds

    Added some Retro-Style SFX to Astroiz.

    Posted On: 12/24/2009
    Views: 208
    Comments: 0
  • Version 0.3 is out

    - Added some SFX (placeholder)- Implemented PowerUp-System (only rate of fire atm but easily extendable)- +5 Score when surviving a Wave- +5 Score for PowerUp Get it

    Posted On: 12/21/2009
    Views: 197
    Comments: 0

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