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Zineth is a student game meant to celebrate speed, movement, and twitter.

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Kjjoker 1 day ago
Fantastic game, I had to do everything I possibly could. I would love to see updates, added locations, more missions, new planets, ect =]
pollissimo 4 days ago
(Small premise this review was originally written in Italian and then translated with the very "reliable" Google translator, but I wanted to tell you my opinion on this game, so I apologize in advance for any misunderstandings).
I almost gnawed to the bone by discovering this game almost every secret, is appreciating in virtually every aspect, both from the fighting between the various pet, is the fact the interface similar to a smartphone, is the achievement of one of the moon most suggestive of the game especially when the protagonist overcomes the atmosphere and all the sounds of the game fade just as there is more air to conduct sound waves, you see that you have put a care for detail is not all. That said I would advise you to also open a crowdfunding campaign (again if you have the time and desire), because I think your game could be really a bolt from the blue in a landscape where there are only projects that are one the copy of the other sites in the various crowdfunding (KickStarter, IndieGoGo etc ...). In my humble opinion, your "product" would be appreciated by the community is demonstrated by the number of visits and downloads and the fact that he was always on the front page of the Top-Rated GameJolt for more than a year at least I could see myself. Always my opinion there really enough just to make what you have already produced a salable game on Steam (although in recent times it takes very little to get on Steam see: Goat Simulator and I Am a Bread just to name two, but there is there are so many other, these games are fun but are poor in both the gameplay and content you play for an hour and then you are already forgotten them), it would be enough to take the same assets and improve the graphics, for example, perhaps with an antialiasing most advanced polygonal or a density greater, but without changing too graphic style that I personally appreciated, colorful and aptly combined with a soundtrack is also very good idea, then you could add missions, pet, secrets (like the kind of tiger that appeared occasionally in the sands of the desert) but that does not even need me to tell me; Or you could add the ability to reach different planets jumping from one to another or reaching a certain speed is reached a certain planet, planets also may be completely empty would be enough to repay the journey the beautiful visuals that would be created once reached. These are just my ideas then if you ever decide to do a companion crowdfunding you decide, you are missing so much talent in certain. Having said all this (surely you will have done bored to death), I congratulate you for everything, and I leave you with the hope that you will create something exceptional.
karlmarxpagaling 4 days ago
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gamer_tron101 5 days ago
this game is AWSOME
this is like the skateboarding game the world needs. by that, I mean it doesn't suck and has a ton of replay value.
Acetlo 1 week ago
Really awesome game, I just wish it had more challenges to complete.
this game was amazing and seriously needs extended
Blankoh 1 week ago
Holy Popsicle's this game looks "INCREDIBLE". What a journey.
mdgaming11567 1 week ago
not a bad game but the bit where you need to jump through the gate was to hard can you make it easyer
CanDriq 1 week ago

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Developer: ArcaneKids
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Status: Complete
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