The Valley of Gwangi

By Shank MacShiv - Added On 11/13/2012

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-: GOAL :-
Lasso live dinosaurs and collect dino bones to reach the target earnings set by the difficulty level. When the money counter is green, you've reached your goal -- so find the hole in the west cliff (with the arrow indicator) and escape before Gwangi finds YOU!

ARROWS = move
Z = Use weapon
X = Select weapon
R = restart game
ESC = quit
F4 = screen size

Consult the readme file for more details.

#atari #dinosaurs #cowboys #western #prehistoric #harryhausen #fan #hunt

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CaveStoryKing64 3 months ago
WOW! Huh. Love the game, it's awesome. 'Nuff said.

Dyno_Ryno_3d0 1 year ago
this is a great game! I love it and the movie it's based off of. It's very fun and addicting. I think it would benefit heavily from a more suspenseful atmosphere. (i.e. hearing gwangi roar at random, even when he's not on screen)
dsgrntlgrnt 1 year ago
This is, (yes this sounds like an over exaggeration), the best game i have ever played, and ive played a shpitload of games in my life, the only thing that could make this game even more epic, is if you add two player mode, that would be awesome, and would guarantee hilarious plays, good job!
RjB Software
RjB Software 2 years ago
A game in which I dash madly about with a lasso and a pistol, fighting gypsies and dinosaurs? I really don't see anything not to love. With just a touch more polish, this could become a bit of a favourite! :)
Shank MacShiv Game's Developer
Shank MacShiv 2 years ago
Thanks! Been awhile since I got an intelligent comment AND a comment on something other than Splat3D.

Any suggestions on specific things to polish? I'll keep 'em in mind if I ever get back into game devving.
RjB Software
RjB Software 2 years ago
There are some little things I'd fix: the default GM loading splash window feels ugly; and the game menu is quite unfinished-looking too, after the cool title-screen. In-game music could add some extra atmosphere, and the ability to customise the controls would be a really good thing (it's not an easy game to jump into if you've just been playing something with the attack/change keys the other way around!)

A bigger thought is that I think a more structured single player game than the current combined difficulty/level select menu would be nice, especially with some sort of recorded progress/achievements - maybe naming each of the existing levels rather than just listing them by size, and an additional level available if a gold score is achieved for each? (Perhaps even an unlockable additional weapon which allows Gwangi to be captured once all levels have gold scores!)

It's currently a lot of fun in terms of gameplay, but doesn't give the impression that it's been made with the intention of spending a lot of time playing it. A sense of achievement would make it feel like more than just an amusing few hours' entertainment. It definitely has the potential for extra depth. :)
salesosnada 2 years ago
i look forward to playing this one. i love dinosaurs! lame comment, but i can't wait...!
Visor 2 years ago
Good, simple fun. Valley of Gwangi pits you in a violent canyon, and will swiftly kick your ass into submission until you become wiser. The game certainly has a hardcore element about it, which I am certain many older gamers will enjoy.

I think the presentation could have used some work in some areas, particularly the level scenery, but I do not think it detracted from my experience all too much. Overall, Gwangi's fast game-play and adjustable scenario make it perfect for a quick jam.
KingZakChaos 2 years ago
one of the best games i've played recently, the creative multiple weapons, and transports modes was brilliant, well done!
KingZakChaos 2 years ago
one of the best games i've played recently, the creative multiple weapons, and transports modes was brilliant, well done!
indiegamehunt 2 years ago
This is really fun! But I think it is a bit difficult (on the easiest difficulty, at least). Maybe Gwangi is a bit too fast after he catches sight of you. Or maybe he could take longer eating someone/something that got between you and he/it. Or maybe lassos should be more abundant. Or the spear could be infinite. Anyway, great game!
Buster 2 years ago
A very enjoyable little game. Difficult, but a lot of fun, and boy it felt good when I won my first game even though it was on the lowest difficulty. There was a fair bit of strategy available yet the game mechanics are still very simple. There's enough variety in enemies even though there are only two main types of AI (chase and eat, chase and shoot). The spear didn't seem all too useful, and it took a minute to figure out what to do once I'd gotten enough money to win, but it's a very enjoyable game.
Shank MacShiv Game's Developer
Shank MacShiv 2 years ago
Thanks for playing! Don't forget the third "run the hell away" AI type!
The spear is sort of a last-ditch weapon, really only useful against the big dinos when they get too close. It allows you to run through 'em while they're stunned and thus put a little more distance between you and them.

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Developer: Shank MacShiv
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Intense Cartoon Violence
Animated Bloodshed

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