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A unique game of breakout style gameplay mixed with all the fun of tetris, Tetrex will keep you in your seat. Use your paddle to hit your ball against falling tetrominoes and prevent their downward spiral towards the bottom of the screen.

Warning: Contains awesome effects.

Game for YoYoGames Competition 05.

What people are saying:

"You've turned two games I essentially don't like seperately and put them together to make a impressive and fun game." ~ BlankD8ta

"Genre fushion at it's finest!" ~ Golden Beast Studios

"One of the funest games ever" ~ Pourquoipas239

"fun little peace of tech" ~ Flemr12

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YellowAfterlife 5 years ago
Well. Half a decent game. It is nice and such.
Basically making this comment to copypaste a laughlog.
05:19 T.Jackson: http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/tetrex/files/tetrex-game-file/download/1423/2132/
05:19 T.Jackson: Would have to be the strangest game that I've ever played in my life.
05:20 T.Jackson: Order him a sanity check.
05:25 T.Jackson: I think have of these people are CrAzY
05:25 T.Jackson: *half
Asaurus Games Game's Developer
Asaurus Games 5 years ago
Hehe. I'm sane, I'm sure of it.

By the way, has anyone gotten to the level where you get the breaking bricks? I think maybe I should have made that level requirement a bit lower. (You can change it in the beta if you want. The setting should be in the obj_brick_create alarm event.)
[A]PP 5 years ago
2 errors at start of game.

1. ERROR in
action number 1
of Create Event
for object logo_control:

Error in code at line 16:
if achievement_get_met(ach_1mystery) && !achievement_get_met(ach_2mystery)
at position 43: Wrong type of arguments to unary operator.

2. ERROR in
action number 1
of Draw Event
for object logo_control:

Error in code at line 1:
if global.surfacesOn then draw_surface(ef_bkg_obj.buff_sur,0,0);
at position 11: Unknown variable surfacesOn
Asaurus Games Game's Developer
Asaurus Games 5 years ago
That's odd. It looks as if you didn't have the highscores.ini file in the right place. But it should check for it before opening the game.
[A]PP 5 years ago
One of my fav's on GJ.
Eli 5 years ago
Nice game! Good effects, and I especially liked the 2-dimensional movement of the paddle as a nice alternative from the traditional left-right breakout games. Good luck in comp05.
deletedlolz 5 years ago
I still think this game is a lot of fun!
Amidos 5 years ago
sorry if i rated the game while its indevelopment

But nice game I dlove it as I played it on YoYogames :)
It is so nice Good Work and Good Luck in the compo :)

By the way I didnt like the background music :S

Game Info

Developer: Asaurus Games
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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