Space Shit

By Blimp Pilot - Added On 3/15/2010

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In Space Shit you propel your self through by relieving your bowels. Be careful though, if you run out of excrement you die and have to start all over again.

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RC 5 years ago
No one can beat my score of 2820! NO ONE!

I enjoyed this though for some reason.
CROS 5 years ago
Amazing. I got around 1,400 before I died. Pretty odd game, for sure. It seems fairly easy with the fact that you can stop at any time and move up/down with out any penalty.
Tom Russell
Tom Russell 5 years ago
Wow. I... Huh. That is to say, well... Huh.
I'm either really bad at this game, or it's impossible to play for more than a few seconds. I'm guessing the latter, though I kinda wish it was the former-- there's nothing wrong with an incredibly disgusting premise if it's married to strong gameplay (look at, for example, Puzzle Farter).
That being said--- my official reactions remains, Huh.
Blimp Pilot Game's Developer
Blimp Pilot 5 years ago
Wow. I... Huh. That is to say, well... Huh.

the exact reaction i was looking for. 4 hours of development, yay.

Game Info

Developer: Blimp Pilot
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Brief Nudity
Intense Language
Crass Humor

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