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Reciproca is a unique top-down arcade shooter.  You control both the black and white ships at the same time.  You can only shoot the enemies using the same color ship. 

Use the arrow keys to move and press space to shoot.

As you shoot the screen will turn red.  If the screen turns too red you won't be able to shoot for a while.

When either ship touches an enemy of the same color the game ends and you can sumbit your score.

Let me know if you find any bugs or errors.

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Achieved 2 years ago

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AngelWire Game's Developer
AngelWire 2 years ago

I've taken CrackedPixel's advice and doubled the resolution. The game is now 100x100 pixels instead of 50x50. I've also updated a few more things as well.

CrackedPixel 2 years ago

I switched to windowed mode, but on a 1920x1080 screen it's insanely small lol. I didn't know I was spose to shoot, I just thought it was some dodging thing. It's definitely a lot better now that I know more of what to do lol. I didn't read the description the first time (i saw it had no reviews/ratings and the screenshots were worth trying), so that explains that. But it wasn't too bad. It got me to play it =P Twice.

CrackedPixel 2 years ago

Changed my rating to 3

CrackedPixel 2 years ago

The resolution was terrible, the UI was incredibly bad. The point of the game wasn't specified, neither were the controls. It seems like you don't want your colour to hit the matching colour, but the opposite was okay. As I played through, I noticed the difficulty was WAY too low. I could sit here for hours and not lose. It needs more variety, maybe "levels" instead of a seemingly endless stream.

Overall, 2/5

AngelWire Game's Developer
AngelWire 2 years ago

Thanks for the comment, But I actually like the resolution being so small. If you switch to window mode it's kind of an "icon" game. And I think the blur in fullscreen looks pretty good, but I guess that's just a matter of opinion. As for the difficulty, It depends on how many ships you've shot. If you don't shoot any ships it doesn't get any harder. I'm sorry about not making the point of the game clear, I guesss I was in too big of a hurry when I uploaded the game. But anyway, thanks for the constructive criticism.


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Developer: AngelWire
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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