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By turboRamble - Added On 4/8/2010

This game was canceled by the developer, so the current version might be buggy or incomplete. You can Follow this game to be notified if there are any updates.

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An Atari styled retro shooter; made in a few hours (in November of 2009). Unzip to play the game.

Controls: Z to fire bullets, X to shoot the laser (unlockable), C to create a black hole (unlockable), enter or space to select on the menu, arrow keys to move.

Current features: 9 awards, 4 unlockables, online highscores, unlimited waves of enemies, chain explosions, retro black and white graphics, auto saving, etc.

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Romeo Mazzei
Romeo Mazzei 5 years ago
Quite a fun little game with nice retro graphics! All those explosions were quite satisfying :)

Adding a turret cooldown bar sounds like a good idea, because the game is a bit too easy at the moment.

Nice work!
turboRamble Game's Developer
turboRamble 5 years ago
Thanks man! I hope to update this ASAP, but currently I have a lot of school to get done ... so that may change. I really want to get the update out to all of you, probably more than you guys want it :P
Savikat 5 years ago
Pretty sweet! Enemies were a little hard to hit, until I found out that I can hold down the button. I see it was made with Game Maker, which I respect ;)
turboRamble Game's Developer
turboRamble 5 years ago
Thanks for playing and rating! In the update there's going to be a turret cooldown bar, actually, since players have complained in the past about how all you have to do is hold Z and strafe. Hopefully the update will make the game less mundane. Also, I plan to have better highscores and more awards/unlockables ;)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Game Info

Developer: turboRamble
Genre: Arcade
Status: Cancelled
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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