Phillips Head

By Keith Nieves - Added On 6/19/2012

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Philadelphia Game Jam 2012 (48 Hour Digital Jam) - Award Winnner!

International Indie Games Day 2012 - 7 Day Dev Contest Winner!

Phillip is being chased by the savage forrest and his only method of escape is running. He finds himself on a merry go round and his world begins to morph around him!

Gather acorns to maintain stamina and speed!

Avoid vines or else you lose stamina. Lose all your stamina, you die.

Make it to safety!


If you are having problems playing the game, download the Unity Plug-In here: 


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HexZyle 2 years ago
The animations and the artwork were fantastic, but the gameplay could have had a bit of work. The collision box for the squirrel made it quite difficult to navigate the plants properly, making this game more difficult then it should have been.

I don't see any progressive difficulty in the game either.
Keith Nieves Game's Developer
Keith Nieves 2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback! We were looking at fine tuning the hit box, actually.

The game was originally made for the iPad which changed the gameplay a little (used a swiping technique) and this port was made the day after the game jam. After 50+ hours of no sleep and straight development it was more of just get it online than fixing it. Plus, I'm not sure if Indie Game Mag would have accepted it then... Hmm..

As for progressive difificulty, we aimed to just create a whole cohesive app for iOS. Now that we have won some recognition, we are going to change the gameplay slightly and maybe add power-ups and more obstacles, levels, etc. (Essentially flesh it out.)

Either way, thanks again for the feedback! Thats how we learn to make better games for you all in the future!

-Space Lords-
aRandomGnome 2 years ago
Really cool!
I love the design and animation.
Hiphinplay 2 years ago
Pretty good to be made in 2 days

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