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Your solar system is being invaded by star-like Noxxons. Use your S.O.U.P. Sattelite With Laser Target Technology (S.O.U.P.=Solar Orbiting Uranium Powered) to wipe out the Noxxons. For people who like arcade shooters. This will be a lot more fun/challenging with one of those pads on a laptop that you slide your finger across. So, for best experience, use a laptop without a USB mouse! The help file, telling you how to play, is an additional file. Read its description.

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gn0me 4 years ago
imho. remove splash screens. At least - after death. buttons in menu should work only with clicking it. mobs should spawn randomly, with random speeds. There should be some bonuses - like shields, wpns, etc. Add some effects blends, use particles... and voila.... :)
Stretch Games Game's Developer
Stretch Games 4 years ago
actually, I've done this in a new game, Orbiteer plus. This is the "mobile" game(for laptops, stripped down) It takes up less memory and is simple for causual gamers. But I will take these comments for +.

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Developer: Stretch Games
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

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