Nightmare Toys

By Shank MacShiv - Added On 12/27/2012

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The city of Jericho has been overrun by monstrous toys, the progeny of a very vengeful toymaker once viciously scorned by its citizens. This plague of cute, cuddly death began while industrial band Busted Playthings was passing through near the end of their tour. The band leaders -- siblings Misty and Lane -- decide this is a perfect opportunity to loot the ancient and prosperous city while the looting is good...and hopefully escape with their heads intact.

You have the option to play as Misty or Lane on your quest for cool swag. But two guns are better than one: drag a friend along for split-screen two-player mayhem (requires joypad)!

#tds #multiplayer #horror #shooter #toys

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mdgaming11567 3 months ago
it sounds like fnaf but the animatronics have escaped and are killing people with guns
Shank MacShiv Game's Developer
Shank MacShiv 3 months ago
All games are FNAF when you really think about it. Even Super Mario!
CaveStoryKing64 3 months ago
I like this game!
TechnoGamer9417 9 months ago
cool game and i liked it and if u want to check a video i did on the game here
geosparkie 2 years ago
So it turns out my partner is better at your games then me -_- anyway i took the time to set up right make sure i knew the instructions then went on to do the video:
Shank MacShiv Game's Developer
Shank MacShiv 2 years ago
lol I lost count of how many times she ate your soul.
Diamonithe Productions
The game is great, I must admit it is hard and has some odd controls but you are able to get used to them, also the MP feature adds some competitive/cooperative action which is always good.
Being Honest, I died at the second level but from the first level I realize that this game has potential, so I will bring my friend, plug in a game pad and finish this game!

Game Info

Developer: Shank MacShiv
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Intense Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Alcohol Use
Tobacco Reference
Mild Language

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