Nanobot Rescue Team

By Hegemege - Added On 8/8/2012

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I made this game for Ludum Dare #23 in April 2012.

In Nanobot Rescue Team you are on an (endless) mission trying to rescue the organism you are in from nasty parasites and virii it has caught!

Choose your favorite from 3 different ships with unique gun setups. Blast out the baddies, pick up power-ups to aid your journey and try to get rid of as many of them as fast as possible.

Be careful though, you can't let 5 or more of them to pass you, or your host organism fails!

Here's a link to a timelapse video:

And here is the official LD page:

Please note that to run the game under Linux, you need to comment out a specific line of code, the relevant info is in the readme file

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Game Info

Developer: Hegemege
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Python


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