MikroNoid in 3rd world

By p98 - Added On 8/31/2010

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Another Arkanoid game.

Is features:
-continuous gameplay
-4 bonuses (1 up, 100 points, 50 points, border)
-3 languages (English, Esperanto, Polish), translations are welcome
-online scores
-physics-based bricks

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Vectomon 4 years ago
I didn't finish the game. The first level took so much time to win I couldn't get motivated to win two more. The concept's nice, and it works well, but the whole game felt kinda... "icky". The backgrounds and sprites looked like they where made in 2 minutes, and even if you were aiming for a set style, it looked like something was off. The HUD could also be worked on, from the title screen buttons and logo to the score and lifes - I didn't realize they were there until I finished the first level. The music was annoying, and some variety would be nice.
It's not a bad game, you just need to work on the graphics and presentation. Making the levels funner or shorter would also go a long way.

Game Info

Developer: p98
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Construct Classic
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