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K.O. is a fighter game with 5 characters to choose from. For individual character controls press F1 but the main controls are the left and right arrow keys to move, up arrow key to jump and the hit controls are W, A, S, D.

Press L to log in and O to log out


***Significant updates***

*Update 26/10/13 - Guest scoring has now been enabled on the leaderboards.

*Update 22/10/13 - Another leaderboard added known as "Most fights" has been added.

*Update 14/10/13 - The login now automatically displays when the game starts up, so there is no need to press the L key.

*Update 7/10/13 - Now features two leaderboards, one to show won fights and the other to show lost fights.

*Update 18/09/13 - Highscores have now been added!!! So what are you waiting for start scoring in the leaderboards. To highscore it's simple just try and get as many wins as possible.......easy right :) well let's see how willing you are!

#fighter #arcade #achievements

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1st Place
23 Fights
Achieved 3 weeks ago

Bowenware games
2nd Place
20 Fights
Achieved 1 year ago

3rd Place
20 Fights
Achieved 1 week ago

4th Place
20 Fights
Achieved 1 year ago

5th Place
12 Fights
Achieved 3 days ago

6th Place
10 Fights
Achieved 1 year ago

7th Place
10 Fights
Roger (guest)
Achieved 1 month ago

8th Place
8 Fights
Achieved 7 months ago

9th Place
8 Fights
Achieved 6 months ago

10th Place
8 Fights
Achieved 2 weeks ago

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Alexander James
Alexander James 2 weeks ago
I really have no idea how the game worked.
Mashing buttons to wait for some special attack animations.

But the game is well-designed. You can jump approximately 8 feet high.
But it's not bad.
indielovers 3 months ago
sorry boneware i got a bit mad at my friend i shouldnt have released it on you.
Era Games
Era Games 3 months ago
I got KOed by stucking in the opponents head. But a good retro looking game.
NickRock 4 months ago
Good but a walking or running animation would be great
acorns 8 months ago
lel I decided to play one of your games, and this is what I chose. IT is good. So ya. 6/10
Adventurous_Elf 1 year ago
This game seems to take inspiration from the first Tekken. the character select screen is pretty much identical, and when you jump it's like you're on the moon. I have to commend the ideas behind the control scheme, but its not very... um... good. I'm sorry. you move with the arrow keys. Left and right moves you in that direction, and wasd (The attack buttons) seem to do the same thing. When the animations function (Which they don't half the time, and there's no running/walking animation, in fact, very little animation at all, but I digress.) Part of me wants to like your game, but it is simply broken and it loves button mashing. Adores it. since there are no combos as far as I could tell, I managed to blitzed through the game in under two minutes by doing the exact same thing each time; gliding towards my opponent (Again, no walking animation) holding right and mushing wasd. Sometimes they block (No way of knowing when they do) and I win without fail. All of the characters are the same because there are no unique combo's, but attack at a different speed? I don't know. Also no multiplayer. I guess it's impossible because of the control scheme,
Sorry for all of this criticism, but the game was free so all of my opinions mean nothing. I want to like this game, but can't because of all these quite major flaws. But there's huge room for improvement. If this is your first game, congratulations! You actually finished it and it is stable in terms of performance. Here are some things you could work on:
1. More art assets/animations - this will stop it from being a staring contest and more like a fight. It wont be easy, but it'll be worth it.
2. Go into game maker, click 'Global game settings' and make it fullscreen and not this weird borderless window I can't move nor minimize. Or just a plain window.
3.Music/more sounds - currently there are none.
4. Use game makers alarms to limit how fast the characters can attack (Google some tutorials if you don't know how)
5. go into your room settings and set the room speed to '60' (This will make it max out at 60 fps) and adjust accordingly. the game will feel much nicer.
6. Generally fix bugs.
7. Local multiplayer
Good luck with your future projects, and I hope that I could be of some help. Please don't take what I say the wrong way. I am interested to see what else you come up with. 3/5
Bowenware games Game's Developer
Bowenware games 1 year ago
Thank you for your comment, it must be the most in depth comment I have ever received. I agree with a lot of your points you made. However I wouldn't go back and do much to this because I simply do not wish to do games like this anymore. I started this game in mid 2009 and finished it early 2011. I had little experience and had great interest for fighter games at the time, so for one of my first games this was not at all easy to achieve. Animating the characters took huge amounts of time, and even then didn't look great, and having little experience with GM or games programming in general I found it difficult.
I certainly learned a lot from developing this game and more skills have improved vastly since I did this. I've been involved with this game for 5 years now and I like to look back at it as it was more of a bit of fun than a serious game; but I wouldn't come back to it as I got bigger projects on the way.
And In answer to all the things you told me to work on I will answer for you.
1. Like I said animations take time and I was aware they didn't look great, I have tried to improve them but I have found it isn't worth it. Also I did get to work on a sequel to this game, and the animations looked 10 times better but I cancelled it
2. I have tried this game in full screen but it is not a good idea, but it stretches the screen and it actually looks worse, as the sprites and backgrounds are small, the reason for the small screen size.
3. There is music and sounds in this game, so I don't know what you mean here. If you don't have sound this is a fault with your PC not the game.
4. I did use alarms for the AI and character speeds, one of the main techniques I used. I could release the source sometime to show you.
5. And I was going to add local multiplayer support at a later date, but decided not to, because I'm busy with newer things now.
And yes the game did take inspiration from the first Tekken, this game was the reason for me developing this in the first place. I'm happy that someone noticed that :)
Adventurous_Elf 1 year ago
No problem! I'm glad that I could be of service. I was kinda worried that you wouldn't take it well, but i'm glad you did. I should mention that I did have fun regardless and I will make sure to keep an eye on future projects of yours. So long, and thanks for all the trophi- I mean fish. Defiantly fish. :p
TheMasonX 1 year ago
Great game man, a lot of fun! :D
savioncagler 1 year ago
loved it
Bowenware games Game's Developer
Bowenware games 1 year ago
Hey there, I'm really glad you liked it and thank you so much for rating my game, it means a lot :)
Kevitis 2 weeks ago
I just played to get the trophies!
KuzummJakk 1 year ago
:( I'm a little confused about the logging in and logging out part .....how does it work ....what's tokens? Do I use my gamejolt info?
Bowenware games Game's Developer
Bowenware games 1 year ago
First of all thanks for playing :) and yes since you are new to the gamejolt achievements system I will tell you how to log into games through GJ. First enter your GJ username which and your token; this can be found at the top right of your screen in the white panel where it says "Your Token: [Show | Edit] click show to reveal it. Hope this helps :)
KuzummJakk 1 year ago
xD At first I wasn't quite sure .....but then it got intense when I'm just mashing to barely survive with a win streak.

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