flower of immortality

By Lugg - Added On 1/24/2010

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this game is made for the rogue contest - code is available on demand

The game is about a rogue who is stealing stuff and killing guards. And with our money we are able to get the best position in the highscore :D. In the finished game there hopefully will be more cool extras you can by with the treasure you stole and a nice story.

For more informations : look at the Screenshots and  take a look at the readme of the game

PLS play this game while listening to your favourite music

important :

if the game isnt working install the

xna framework redistributable 3.1

you need this for all xna games, if its still isnt working youre supposed to install the

vs 08 redistributable


report any bugs via pm

- Controls - ( v.1.05)

arrow keys left and right to move

arrow key up   = climb the ladder upwards
arrow key down = climb the ladder down

D + player is looking left  = jump left
D  + player is looking right  = jump right

W  + player is looking right  = jump upwards right

W  + player is looking left = jump upwards left

F = Use Medikit
S = close combat attack
Space = get close treasure
A = throw a knife

1 = Buy a knife     ( 75 $)
2 = Buy a medikit ( 100 $)

red shaded area: exit + end of game + your highscore is saved
player dead = end of game + your high score is not saved

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ChabaChabaDued 5 years ago
nice game and it is even nicer that u still support it :D
keep it up
Freakadelle 5 years ago
nice one. good graphs and stuff, but you should have focused a bit more on the controls... anyway its nice to be able to stab from behind and throw knives :)
Illuminu 5 years ago
i really liked your game, it gets quite difficult so it's perfect for me.

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Developer: Lugg
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: C#


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