Earth Overclocked: Alpha Version

Earth Overclocked: Alpha Version

By Guys and a Box - Added On 10/10/2013

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NEWS: Ruins Update is out!


A top-down action game designed around procedural generation, a large variety of weapons, and unlockable content wrapped in a parody about time travel.

Take control of a scientist who tries to escape a sudden Apocalypse through his time machine, only for the machine to malfunction and dump him in a distorted version of Earth, filled with just about everything that wants to kill you!

This is the alpha version of Earth Overclocked. The full version will be released on Desura at a later date. The full version won't be available on Game Jolt at any time because commercial games aren't allowed on this website.

Alpha Release Features

  • Explore Distorted Earth and find the pieces of your broken time machine before it's too late.
  • Support for XInput gamepads (Xbox 360 and other newer gamepads).
  • Procedural generation. No two runs are the same! (Well, it's possible I guess, but you will probably have a better chance of being struck by lightning.)
  • Extremely challenging, sometimes unfair, gameplay. Expect to die. A lot. Don't worry, dying is half the fun!
  • Fully explorable overworld with 5 biomes.
  • Fully explorable dungeons. 2.1 dungeons (yes, you read that right) are generated in each run.
  • 20 unique weapons, 2 of them unlockable. Weapons have random stats and 'names.'
  • 15 (mostly) powerful foes. They have random stats, too!
  • 7 tough bosses, and you can fight up to four of them per run (assuming you last that long). Unfortunately, they don't have random stats, nor is it planned. Life is unfair.
  • Easy-to-manage dual equipment system.
  • Local high scores. See who in your family is the worst!
  • An options menu.
  • Maniacally Awesome Weapon Name Generator Of Pain (It's completely useless, to be honest.)
  • No time paradoxes!
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Mischa van G.
Mischa van G. 9 months ago
It's getting there guys! Just still don't really understand the blue timer thing :/
Guys and a Box Game's Developer
Guys and a Box 9 months ago
The timer will have those unnecessary and confusing numbers and dates removed in the next update. The expanded timer will be readded as a visual unlockable in the future.

For now, what's really important are the blue digits. Ignore the rest of the information.
Pixelwar 10 months ago
Cool game! Nice effects and ideas. I love it.
The5heep 11 months ago
Hey, could you make this for linux? If you want, I could look into it for you :D
Really want to play this but cant, as I'm running ubuntu :(
Guys and a Box Game's Developer
Guys and a Box 11 months ago
A linux version wasn't actually planned, but now that you mention it, why not? We will look into it for the next version, which is the Ruins Update (
The5heep 10 months ago
Yay! Thank you sooooooo much! I hope this game wont disappoint!
Guys and a Box Game's Developer
Guys and a Box 9 months ago
We can confirm that the game runs at full FPS on Ubuntu now. Expect it to be released alongside the next update.
EliasMadriz 12 months ago
You guys made a good job. Great game. Totally recommended.
Guys and a Box Game's Developer
Guys and a Box 1 year ago
Earth Overclocked can run on Windows XP! XP users, prepare to play the next update!
Woestijn Arts
Woestijn Arts 1 year ago
I'm really impressed with this game. Goodjob.
tokenabc 1 year ago
Your not in my game-library but I keep getting news.
How do I stop this.
active pizza
active pizza 1 year ago
I really dig yow game, dawg ! 5/5
Sokaz 1 year ago
This is one of the very best games I have ever played on Gamejolt. I remember you asking a question on the GMC about how some of the sprites were distorted.
Guys and a Box Game's Developer
Guys and a Box 1 year ago
Yeah, the sprites are still slightly distorted in fullscreen. There really isn't a way to fix the problem, I'm afraid.
Guys and a Box Game's Developer
Guys and a Box 1 year ago
The worst part about the fullscreen distortion is the scanlines. They look very bad on some monitor resolutions, but this is why you can disable the scanlines in the options menu.
active pizza
active pizza 1 year ago
to fix the fullscreen stuff you have to set the veiw and port on screen the same! it should work , i mean it work for me so it should work for you.
Kelsoo 1 year ago
Left a feedback thing, this game is pretty great!

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Developer: Guys and a Box
Genre: Arcade
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker: Studio
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