Donkey kong

By pj_crozza - Added On 10/17/2011

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The Arcade game Donkeykong with extra levels and updated graphics

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pj_crozza Game's Developer
pj_crozza 1 year ago

made a couple of fixes and is now windows 8 compatible

CanadianBeauty93 2 years ago

Love this classic game, awesome.

pj_crozza Game's Developer
pj_crozza 2 years ago

Your welcome

gbmfken 2 years ago

Hi, I downloaded this game and I love it but using my keyboard sucks so I got a joystick that plugs into my sound blasterDE-9 port . The joystick works in the control panel but not with the game was wondering if anybody could give some advice to me on what needs to be done to correct this issue ? I Thank Any and All for your time and input regarding this issue ! Sincerely, Ken

pj_crozza Game's Developer
pj_crozza 2 years ago

Sorry you are having trouble playing Donkykong its Probably due to using the soundblaster port I don't think gamemaker which the game was made in supports it.

anyway if find its actually better playing with the keyboard.

sorry I can't help Crozza

I use a saitek usb gamepad which works fine for me

gbmfken 2 years ago

I just wanted to say thank you for your response, and I think a usb controller is what will work for me because the sound blaster card wont work in my pc. so I was using my moms old pc. anyway I am having fun playing donkey kong my fingers are fat so I really have to be careful not to hit two buttons at once I have the same issue playing guitar. Have a good one, Ken


Game Info

Developer: pj_crozza
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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