Don't Rain on Me!

By J. Matt Sullivan - Added On 3/13/2013

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A nice walk has been ruined by the pesky rain.  Help our cowardly walker avoid being hit by any rain drops.  Pick up umbrellas and raincoats along the way in order to keep him dry all the longer.  Stay dry long enough and who knows what might start falling form the sky!

Left and Right Arrows to move.

Up arrow to jump.

Umbrellas and Rain coats each allow you to be hit once by rain.

Avoid man's best friends.

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Deleted 2 years ago

Nice game, but the kid is a little on the slow side making the game quite hard. Maybe if he could stand a bit more than just a single drop of rain, even when he doesn't have an umbrella... :) Also, you might want to credit the musician in game, as here on GJ, people might not notice it. ;)

J. Matt Sullivan Game's Developer
J. Matt Sullivan 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. I intend to re tweak several aspects to change the difficulty.

As for the credits I mainly realized I forgot to add them in game, and figured that was a quick solution until my next update.

TechShark 2 years ago

A simple but addictive game, I liked the music and the animation of the kid. Overall, a fun game!


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Developer: J. Matt Sullivan
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete

Mild Cartoon Violence
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