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COPTRA is a retro and hardcore arena shooter, in which you play a rocking helicopter pilot caught in an ambush.

Use deadly powerups, your crazy reflexes and cunning intelligence to survive attacks and get a score as high as possible.
Lovely music by Jabberwock.

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lucha 2 years ago
Too hard for me but it's really good!
GCshepard 5 years ago
Wish I could play... but after I type my name in and all, I can't move or shoot or do anything at all... I tried almost all of the keys... nothing
I would gladly play it if you know my problem
vsea 5 years ago
Great graphic, good gameplay and ... hard :D.
I always die when fly near border :|
[A]PP 5 years ago
How do you make the little lines go across the screen. I may sound stupid as I ask, but it's because I don't know what they are. I'm assuming it's texture.
Daniel Seabra
Daniel Seabra 5 years ago
I'm actually assuming it's a sprite.
Man Of Doom
Man Of Doom 5 years ago
Good game, a bit frantic for my tastes but that's clearly intended. Love the scanline graphics too.
IceWave 5 years ago
Ok I have several complaints about this game. First of all, it's named Coptra, a spoof on the famous game Contra by Konami. Why this bugs is because in Contra, you didn't get ammo for your power ups, you got stock bombs, and you knew what power ups your were getting, no random BS.
Not enough power up encounters. They last so short you can hardly enjoy them. I know this game isn't Contra, but if you're going to spoof it, might want to take more of the original game to heart.

2nd of all, the random enemy encounters. You really can't count your progress with each round having a different number of enemies.

It has a lot of poorly planned aspects in it that just take away from the experience.

What I like about it though is the graphics, and how the power ups can be stacked and the POTENTIAL it has to be a great small shooter.

If you make a sequel, it would be good to address these issues.
Jan Willem Nijman Game's Developer
Jan Willem Nijman 5 years ago
Thank you for the lengthy feedback!
Coptra is a name of course, which I liked, I'm not spoofing contra. the references are in the types of powerups only. the gameplay doesn't share any similarities other then that and the fact that it's HARD.
I really wanted a short game with the feeling of an ambush. You'll need to stay cool and keep your eyes on the battle. If you get killed, you know why.
You might see it as poorly planned, but I really put a lot of designing into it. It's just different then most arena shooters, and hard.

CROS 5 years ago
Wow, Ice. Alot of the basis of your rating seems to be based on the fact that you seem to think it's a spoof of Contra (which only the name would hint that). o_O
Zack 5 years ago
Awesome game. Sure is hard, but once you get familiar with the mechanics, it becomes fun. Nice job!
Amidos 5 years ago
I have this game yesterday on poppen :) and it rocks :D
KniteBlargh 5 years ago
Yeah, definitely hard, but I really enjoyed this. The gameplay mechanics felt pretty tight to me, and you really do have to stay on-guard; if you get distracted for a second, it's Game Over. I love the graphics too.
Deadheat 5 years ago
It's quite hard, but still very awesome : D

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Developer: Jan Willem Nijman
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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