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By Mabi Games - Added On 3/29/2010

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A whole new demo of Cochons Pursuit, featuring the firsts 5 worlds of the game and a lot of improvements.

The first demo has been rushed in order to be ready in time for the 2nd 2beegames contest last fall. A lot of last minute bugs and crash occured at that time due to the game being in a transition state. Everything is now fixed and the game is running smoother and faster than ever… without bugs!

Cochon Pursuit is Edm's first game. It is an arcade-style shooter where you control a mythic creature called the "flying cochon".

You will be progressing in 8 high-in-color worlds, fighting dozens different foes for the pursuit of the lovely pink cochon. While remaining a simple game, it might surprise you as much by his amazing toon graphics as by his incredibly fun and addictive gameplay.

Each world contains 3 parts in ascending difficulty. Beginners may go through the first exit door, but they will not get as much points and might miss some bonus as well as extra items! Beware... there is a mighty boss at the end of every third level's door!

The game has been designed to retrieve the lost arcade game's spirit with a fresh new twist. How far will you be able to go?

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Samuel Venable
Samuel Venable 2 years ago
Wow this one is actually worth a play or two... 5/5.

Game Info

Developer: Mabi Games
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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