Blow Stuff Up 4

By GameRoom - Added On 6/24/2010

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The long awaited sequel to BSU3. You're a gun that has to shoot little colored blobs. It has similar gameplay, but it has 5 new Floobles, 30 new levels, online highscores, 3 unlockables, epic music, and it's much less buggy than the third. There's many hours of gameplay, and when you're done you can collect the 30 medals. This is also my most ambitious project yet, taking over 3 months to finish.

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xSargent Sasquatchx
Really exciting arcade game, a bit easy, but get's hard at some parts. I unlocked level 2 and got bored of It, but I definitely will play some more later!
GameRoom Game's Developer
GameRoom 4 years ago
"a bit easy, but get's hard at some parts. I unlocked level 2"

Do you mean level 11, where the background color changes, because if you've only got to level 2 then how can you say something like that?

Game Info

Developer: GameRoom
Genre: Arcade
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Cartoon Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Drug Reference
Comical Shenanigans

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