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Yume Nikki 3d

By ZykovEddy - Added On 10/4/2013

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Update: Isolated DLC released! Check the news section for more information:


Yume Nikki 3d
is a fan game based on Yume Nikki universe (if you haven't played the original Yume Nikki, I highly recommend it). The game is not a simple 3d remake, but rather a spin-off to the original, with lots of extra content. Instead of using RPG Maker, I used an old 3d engine from the 90's.

Note that it's not necessary to be a fan of the original game to enjoy YN3D. The concept is understandable and it's easy to pick up and play.

You play as a little girl Madotsuki. Your task is to find six "effects" and three keys, which are hidden in a dream world. The game starts in your room. You can use the bed to enter the dream world or desk to save your game. Most locations in Dream world are connected by series of portals and for the most part I tried to create my own locations instead of copying the ones from the original game. Only a few locations have references to the original Yume Nikki, such as Neon Tile Path or Poniko's house (yes, this game has a full recreation of Uboa event in 3d). Some of the effects are requied to progress in few areas. The most important effects, such as bicycle and the knife, are hidden in the locations connected to Nexus (the hub location).


WASD - move
Space - jump
E - use, open, pick up
Shift - use effect
Enter - menu
F12 - take a screenshot


Yume Nikki 3d is made by Zykov Eddy
Zykov Eddy's site: http://eddyprojects.blogspot.ru/

Yume Nikki is made by Kikiyama
Kikiyama's site: http://www3.nns.ne.jp/pri/tk-mto/

Eduke 32 is made by Eduke 32 team
Eduke 32 site: http://eduke32.com/

Some spritework is done by CK Games;
ENDING.ogg is composed by Bozo;
MENU.ogg is composed by Aki Sempai;
MUSIC24.ogg is composed by rakan610.


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3ri20lspr1t3 7 hours ago
what program did you use?!
moonv_ 3 weeks ago
I absolutely love this game. It's so nice to jump back into Madotsuki's shoes again and explore in 3D! I've been doing a let's play of it, still haven't found all there is in this game yet though. I haven't even touched the Isolated version yet, but I know it'll be great.
1_94277d 1 month ago
I dont get the point of this game :-(
1_94277d 1 month ago
I dont get the point of the game, like what is the story of this game.0-o
moonv_ 3 weeks ago
The point of the game is just to explore the world and find all the effects. The actual story behind the game is up to interpretation but most people believe Madasuki [the girl you play as] is a troubled girl who escapes the real world by going to sleep and experiencing lucid dreams. You're really just meant to enjoy all the weirdness in the dreams.
Here's a page with tons of fan theories about the game: http://yumenikki.wikia.com/wiki/Theories
1_94277d 3 weeks ago
Thanks moonv_ ('w')
Aivil 3 months ago
First of all, this game is beautifully done, I swear I love it and you are right, there is no need to be an actual fan of the original game because it does not have any spoilers or stuff. I only have one question: Is the blindfold suppose to do somethins, besides not allowing you to see anything? I'm just afraid I am loosing something important hidden in the game...
ZykovEddy Game's Developer
ZykovEddy 3 months ago
Nah, it's useless.
ZykovEddy Game's Developer
ZykovEddy 3 months ago
Although, you can break the game if you use it once Masada's ship starts falling.
Aivil 3 months ago
LOL! That is good to know! haha
Also Masada's spaceship is awesome. I suppose you left the enormous X in Mars meaning you are going to continue it?
rykka200 5 months ago
This game is so awesome <3
LionWanderer 5 months ago
Ciao ragazzi, per tutti gli italiani che passano ho realizzato un video dei primi 20 minuti di gioco in cui parlo del gioco, retroscena e dettagli vari, passate a vederlo!
Italian gameplay & information:
1_544096 5 months ago
I really liked this game and the isolated version was awesome
RFZ 6 months ago
I love it
Werecat5 6 months ago
This was an amazing game. The developer really knows how to make a fantastic game.

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Developer: ZykovEddy
Genre: Adventure
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