Yokai's Song

By Mr_Qqn - Added On 8/12/2012

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Did you ever wonder why singing keept the evil away ?

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How to play ?

You must make the yokais leave by singing a specific melody.
You can play 5 different notes by clicking on the screen from the top (the highest note) to the bottom (the lowest note).
The yokais show you which notes to play and when to play it : 
- they're floating nearly to the note they represent (eg. the top yokais represents the highest note)
- they indicate when to play a note by ticking before the note : growing and changing their colors 4 times (from purple to green)
- they also indicate how long you have to maintain the note pressed : it correspond to the ticking time

If it's not clear enough let me know :)

(This is my entry for the Game Jolt fear contest.)

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Clint Makes a Game
Clint Makes a Game 2 years ago
I like the idea here but I'm not getting any feedback when I do it wrong...so it's really hard to know why it worked one time and not another time.

The noise the singer makes is a bit irritating, but I really really like the atmosphere here, especially the looping noises and graphics. I think this could be super interesting with enough polish. As it stands, it's very pretty but the gameplay doesn't have the same beautiful flow as the graphics/ambience.
Mr_Qqn Game's Developer
Mr_Qqn 2 years ago
Thanks for your comment.
Yeah, I didn't had the time to make a nice gameplay, so the fail feedback is bugged, like when you maintain a note too long sometime the yokais doesn't get red. Also, you always have to start with a specific note to validate the level and nothing shows that.
I won't make any change to this game, but instead I'll take all this feedbacks to make a better one next time. :)
nadyajahan 2 years ago
Wow!!! Really beautiful ;)
Mr_Qqn Game's Developer
Mr_Qqn 2 years ago
Thanks ! :)
TinyViking 2 years ago
Very pretty graphics. I only rated it a three because the main purpose is to create a song and I found the sound being created a little gross. It doesn't match the absolutely fabulous background and sprites you've created. I'd love to see a version 2 with updated sounds!
Mr_Qqn Game's Developer
Mr_Qqn 2 years ago
Thanks for your honest opinion. And you're right, I'm myself also a little disapointed by the song part I made (I wanted to make a voice more realistic, better melodies and more diverse drums loop). I spent so much time on the graphics that I didn't have the time to work on the audio correctly.
I don't think if I'll have the motivation to update the game right now as I want it to remain a one week project (and I'm also really tired). But be sure that my next project will have a better audio than this one. :)

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