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--VOID 46 is my entry for Game Jolts Contest 8 FEAR--

Note: This is only the first version of this game, due to the lack of time I had to complete the game and focusing mainly on visulas, it is not what I origonally set out to create, so I plan to expand on this in future weeks, plase take this in mind when playing and it seems dreadfully short or something doesnt make sense. This is only crappy build to show what I did.

VOID 46, Your Mind is your Prison.

You wake up in a cell, your mind aimless and empty. A light flickers on the steel ceiling of the confinement.  You have no memory of yourself or your location. The bed is stained with the crimson of your own blood, which seemed to have recently flowed from the base of your cranium. The cause of the wound is unknown to you. An open door with a gaping black mouth beckons your escape. You push through the aperture, your mind rupturing with fear and paranoia. You find a lantern in the darkness of a nearby desk; a subtle comfort in the darkness, although the battery is limited, so you must find more. You hear voices, echoing in the foundations of your skull, everything tells you that you don’t want to be here, but you deny the thoughts for you must maintain your sanity if you wish to survive…

VOID 46 is a puzzle/adventure/survival game, you must maintain your sanity as you wander the confinement.

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TheGamingLord06 2 months ago
An amazing start!! Please finish this as I CAN NOT WAIT for this game!! A great atmoshphere with creepy music and a good close for the to be continued! I must say for a week this is far more than I would expect from ANYONE!
KlutzyAngel 2 months ago
This is amazing!! I do hope you continue it further! :)
Ninjafoxx_Plays 7 months ago
AWESOME! I just played it after downloading it a while ago, and I was super disappointed to find out that its not done. D: So when more comes out, i'll be the first to play! :3 Bravo!
saintbrenna 11 months ago
I definitely love the atmosphere of this game, great work. And although you aren't doing more for this game, I hope we still see some more projects from you. Keep it up!
Trystin Game's Developer
Trystin 11 months ago
Thanks, and more projects are coming :)
aaronfalls77 1 year ago
i played this a while ago, its really good, but it ended really soon, is there more to it than what there was about a year ago
Trystin Game's Developer
Trystin 1 year ago
Sorry mate, kind of abandoned at the moment. But currently collaborating with another guy to make a large scale horror. So expect something bigger soon! :)
yusukevc4 1 year ago
i wanna make a gameplay, if you don't mind of course.
Trystin Game's Developer
Trystin 1 year ago
For sure go ahead :)
loud 1 year ago
so short :/ wish it was longer but still its a very good and creepy game :) 5/5
BleachIchimaru04 1 year ago
To reply to your reply to me, that sounds exciting! I'll keep an eye out for anything you may create in the future, and I may just do a video of them :) Meanwhile, here's my video of this Void 46 demo. If you have some spare time, check it out :)
BleachIchimaru04 1 year ago
Are you going to be finishing the creation of this game any time soon? I have done a video on this demo and would love to do an LP of the full game as it has a lot of potential :)
Trystin Game's Developer
Trystin 1 year ago
Don't think this will be worked on any time soon unfortunately, although the possibility of making something more improved with a different story attached is very likely. I still want to maintain the same atmosphere, but probably wont have the cliche "wake up" scene you have in all horror games like "Crap! Where the hell am I?" But have been watching a lot of horror lately and am starting to get a feel for build up, realism and the appropriate time to reveal jumps or horrific witnesses. So expect something similar coming from me possibly soon, all I can say is I will probably say stuff on twitter if I do anything of the sort. So if your interested just keep watch there :) You have also made me start thinking a bit more that I would like to take something up of the sort. So who knows?
AaronM98 1 year ago
Great game so far, love to play it when it's finished. Very creepy! Good job man!

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Developer: Trystin
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