The Little Quest (Working Title)

By Soulsnatcher - Added On 2/3/2012

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The Little Quest (Working Title) is a platforming adventure game in which you must explore the dangerous castle and destroy all the enemies in order to restore peace to your troubled inhabitance.

Check the news section for infomation on upcoming updates!

The game focuses upon platforming accuracy and exploring a vast world. I am releasing the WIP to hopefully get an understanding of peoples opinion on this style of game, and whether people still want them!

The game features online play (although not present in this WIP), in which players can quest together, helping each other find their way around, to find all the enemies and collect all the items!

As this game is early WIP, please let me know everything you think about it: is there anything you would like to see added? Find it too hard? Too Easy? Just let me know!

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Pinkadilly 2 years ago
It's really hard to do any sort of precision jumping, which is annoying with the spikes and tiny platforms and whatnot. Plus I keep sliding into spikes. :|
I like the idea alot though! But if we're discovering the map then it seems a little weird that I can see the monsters and whatnot before I 'discover' them, right?

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Developer: Soulsnatcher
Genre: Adventure
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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