The Journey Down: Over the Edge

By theo - Added On 8/22/2010

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The Journey Down is a classical Point n Click adventure game divided in four separate free to play dowloadable chapters. The first chapter "Over the Edge" follows our brave hero Bwana and his sidekick Kito as they, while struggling to make ends meet, suddenly get thrown into a twisting plot of Corruption and Adventure!


* Dazzling full motion cinematics!
* More than 20 Locations!
* Over 15 bizzare characters!
* An all original jazzy reggae soundtrack!

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Wolfswood 1 day ago
waiting for the release of the next part :)
SimplifiedPotato 2 days ago
Simply amazing, cant wait for the second chapter, MON
Arunae 1 month ago
Really amazing game! Loved everything and can't wait for more =)
connormynors7 6 months ago
i played the hd version of this and its amazing, please make chapter 2
QCPolmer 6 months ago
I remember playing this game a while back.

Amazing game, particularly the graphics.
Miguel Santos
Miguel Santos 7 months ago
This game is a gem!
Great characters and graphics and done with the so incredible Adventure Game Studio!
If you're looking for a great adventure game play this one at once!
LittleMissGore 10 months ago
Amazing! I love the art style of the game and the story that goes with it! I wanted more when I finished this game. Hopefully there are more so that I can continue to see what happens next! Love everything about this game! ♥
90s 10 months ago
Loved the game. pretty interesting. Haven't played a true point and click in a while.
diceboy123 1 year ago
I like how black the protagonist is. 5/5
Lucifalle 2 years ago
As an aficionado of traditional point and click adventure games I was immediately drawn to this game when I heard about it. After playing it through I must say that it is one of the most beautiful independent adventure games I have ever played. Everything ranging from the music to the unique art style was just perfect in my opinion. It is immediately apparent that a lot of hard work has gone into creating the game and for that I am left in awe at the dedication of the developers. The only reason for why I did not give this game a full five star rating boils down to two things: firstly, I believe that all in all, the game is simply too short (I understand that this is only the first episode in a longer planned series but it definitely left me craving for more. This could arguable be seen as a good thing). Secondly, and this is perhaps the most glaring flaw in my experience, the game has at least one major bug which left the game unplayable after a certain point. The bug seems to only occur on some playthroughs and only to certain people as I was later able to re-install the game and finish it without a hitch. Nonetheless, it left me feeling frustrated with a game that I deemed otherwise perfect.
Regardless of this, I recommend everyone who has yet to play this game to download it right away and give it a try. This applies doubly so to fans of the (fabled to be dead) adventure game genre.
theo Game's Developer
theo 2 years ago
Thank you! Your kind comments warm my heart! For a peek at the high-res + speeched commercial release, be sure to check out!

I appreciate that you took the time to comment. Thanks.

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Developer: theo
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Adventure Game Studio
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