Super Space Rogues

By rotten_tater - Added On 1/24/2010

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A game by Ted Lauterbach

Music by Heatex []

Made for Gamejolt's Rogue Compo


Journey through a procedurally generated pair of solar systems to collect $50,000 for a disgruntled mob boss. Buy upgrades to make your ship more powerful along the way.


WADS or Arrows------------------Move
Left Click [in Nav Mode]--------Perform actions
Left Click [in Combat Mode]---Shoot
Right Click-------------------------Switch between Nav Mode and Combat Mode


Interesting Information
Super Space Rogues was inspired by a plethora of different games and scifi themes, and was blasted together in a little under 2 weeks.

For a list of more in depth inspirations behind Super Space Rogues, visit this GMC link:


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PAMMD_Interactive 5 months ago

Fantastic. One of the best game's i've seen on this site. Reminds me of an old MS DOS game called Solar Winds.

Pipo Games
Pipo Games 1 year ago

Nice :)

salvakiya 2 years ago

Fun game but way too easy. I would give it a 3/5 for game play but a 5/5 for the gui system. Overall a 4/5. make a sequel!

beefhaze 4 years ago

Came to the game late, but love it lots. It's fun! [^_^] Only complaint I have is that there isn't more of it... I like the idea of a follow-up with a more ambitious, broader scope and I hope to see the idea become a reality. ;-D

Trystin 4 years ago

Still my favorite game ever dude. Be sure to play this one Guys.

Trystin 4 years ago

5/5 as well!

orange 3 years ago

We wouldn't have ever known it if you hadn't told us your rating... after all, how do we know if the "Game Rating 5" thing on the right is telling the truth? ._.

Virtue Studio
Virtue Studio 4 years ago

Good game.

thechronicler 4 years ago

This is like my alltime favorite game made by game maker! I love it! It makes you think about the vastness of space.....

...10/5 (but i cant do that, can I?)

Twilight Sirius
Twilight Sirius 4 years ago

Hey This is Top Rated in YOYOGAMES Before!

makerManCan102 4 years ago

there are two solar systems?

rotten_tater Game's Developer
rotten_tater 4 years ago

Yes, they're separated by a very large distance. Though, it isn't necessary to travel to it unless you've killed everyone in the first. :D

aarona68 5 years ago

I liked it. But I think it needed some things. First off, in nav mode, what could you really do other than clicking on the neutral ships that buy/sell stuff. I thought that maybe you could talk to the other neutral ships or something form alliances, trade, etc. make a save planet or two. add two types of resources and make one more valuable on one side of the map, and the other resource more needed on the other. I dunno. add missions to help citizens out or something. I think this game has much potential, and I would love to see the potential get met in the future. Kudos on the game anyway, it is good as it is, just needs stuff. :D

rotten_tater Game's Developer
rotten_tater 4 years ago

Yeah, there is all kinds of stuff I'm going to add. I'm going to save it for its successor, which is going to be a much larger, more in depth game than the original.


Game Info

Developer: rotten_tater
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Mild Cartoon Violence

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