Suh Burb (Major Iteration 2 - Outdated)

By Chrscool8 - Added On 4/14/2010

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A sequel to my currently unreleased game Dungeon, Suh Burb is a sidescroller game in which one does 2D free-running like activities. You can travel through beautiful landscapes of every kind: cities, forests, snowy mountains and more!

When you've just saved the world, what's left to do but relax in your home town? Well, you could do lots of random jobs for other people, OR, if you really wanted to, you could plan your path to becoming a villain. The thing is, it's up to you. With so many different storyline choices, you'll never get the same result twice!

Go here for full details, changelog, and explanations:


Have fun!

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Kill9r 1 year ago
game doesn't work and only lags the computer, fix the fucking thing or get the fuck out of here
Chrscool8 Game's Developer
Chrscool8 1 year ago
Dude, this is, like, really old now. If it lags for you on your computer, I have bad news for you...

Regardless, this is a seriously old version of a seriously old, and now depreciated game. I've been out of here for a long time.

If you, or anyone else, is interested in my new project based off this game, you can check it out here:
Kill9r 1 year ago
game doesn't work and only lags the computer, fix the fucking thing or get the fuck out of here
BeatboxAddictJP 2 years ago
Wasn't worth the three times of me opening and closing the game, nuff said
Anthony-Southworth 3 years ago
Good game, I enjoyed it, though it ran slowly even on lame laptop can't handle much! I think with a bit of polish and more variety in challenges this could be a really great game! Look forward to seeing more!
Nikc-Nack 5 years ago
Very glitchy! I would've kept playing but got kicked out whenever I talked to the guy with the axe, i played about an hour hough. The weather system didn't work since My area was under severe thunder storms and it was sunny out. But it would've been a cool feature. This needs alot of work....
Chrscool8 Game's Developer
Chrscool8 5 years ago
Way to try the two things I just disabled... Lol.
Gary's sword wasn't supposed to be there still and the weather caused some errors for some people so i cut it (temporarily).

How about a review of the actual game?
Chrscool8 Game's Developer
Chrscool8 5 years ago
BTW, I think F10 manually switches the weather if you want to see it.
siryoshi 5 years ago
That was really cool! You need to make some more objectives, though, but I'm sure you're going to. The graphics were pretty nice and the day / night effects were pretty, too. I'll be watching this! :)

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