Stairs - Pre-Alpha Demo

Stairs - Pre-Alpha Demo

By GreyLight - Added On 5/30/2013

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We're on Kickstarter! Plus a kickstarter build to try!
After all this time, we are finaly on kickstarter! We've been in development for quite some time now and there's also a new build you can try out!

Here's the NEW build you can try..!

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What is Stairs?
You play as a washed up journalist, looking for his next big scoop. Three people have gone missing recently, in an abandoned factory, and you're going to find out what happened to them.

Stairs takes a lot of it's inspiration from real events. The demo you can play here for instance, has taken a lot of it's inspiration from the Donner Party (look it up if you're interested).

We are currently developing this into a full game, where we'll add several more levels, with even more disturbing stories and scary events.

Why are we doing this?
The idea was to create a "flashback" to old-school horror games, as we believe that most horror games of today have become a hybrid of action and shooters. So we wanted to "go back", so to speak, and what we created was Stairs.

Got any questions or feedback?
We are more than welcome to hear all about them! Write in the comments below or if you want to make it more private, send your thoughts it to!

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Gamegod47 4 days ago
I have seen Mark's vid on this game, and I personally think it's amazing! Sadly, I cannot play the game because I don't have a Windows PC, but the way the voice-actors project the story just gives it a chilling, helpless feeling that I love! I hope more people make more games like these!!!!
Red Games
Red Games 4 days ago
Im about to try and try to play it! =)
Liz Sapphire
Liz Sapphire 5 days ago
Ugh! Got lost twice and the guy caught me D: This game is so addicting though! 10/10
bluepheonix 1 week ago
lol they clearly did not use projared plays here......this is gonna be so freaking awsome
Fuzah 3 weeks ago
Recently recorded this and uploaded it to my channel, here is the link:
miosan779 3 weeks ago
Im gonna try!
Hello i am starting youtuber from slovakia can i make letsplay from this game and post it on youtube link on the game gonna be in description
GreyLight Game's Developer
GreyLight 1 month ago
Yes, you can play it and record it to your heart's content.
ZeldrikonLP 1 month ago
I would post your games to my Youtube channel as video and monetize but for that I need your permission so I ask you, I can not make it
GreyLight Game's Developer
GreyLight 1 month ago
You have permission.
SoullessGamer 1 month ago
Hey! the game is amazing; why are you reading my comment, go play the game! The atmosphere of the game and the story tidbit where done really well. Here's a lets play of the game:
GreyLight Game's Developer
GreyLight 1 month ago
Glad you liked it. If you're interested in seeing the progress of the game then you can check out our new build, it's here on gamejolt.
stanciu4art 2 months ago
I made this gameplay. If you enjoy please leave a like and subscribe! Thank you!

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