Snakes of Avalon

By Igor Hardy - Added On 6/24/2010

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A game by Igor Hardy, Alex van der Wijst and Thomas Regin

Snakes of Avalon is a dark comedy point & click adventure game about alcoholic incapacitation and people obsessed with murdering their other half. It mixes the style and atmosphere of Hitchcock suspense films with a surreal game world inspired by your favorite trippy movies.

Jack, a hopeless drunk, becomes an accidental witness to a nefarious murder plot. So what can he do about it being who he is?

Includes music by the award winning composer for Blackwell Convergence and Emerald City Confidential! (Full Soundtrack available in the game's files)

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kurzuul 2 years ago
I've done a Let's Play of this game. It was enjoyable, though it did fall into a few common adventure game pitfalls. Still, great job.
Virtue Studio
Virtue Studio 3 years ago
Cool game!
diddyking 3 years ago
Wow. I just completed the game, and i really enjoyed it. I like how Jack keeps having illusions, it makes the game so much more interesting. The puzzles were great, and they required a lot of thought to solve. The main thing that i diddnt like about the game was the fact that pretty much the whole game was set in the same room, but besides that, the game was excellent. Another thing that i diddnt like was the fact that the game was pretty much silent most of the time, there should have been music playing the whole time, not just in little sections of the game. 5/5
Igor Hardy Game's Developer
Igor Hardy 3 years ago
Thanks very much for your comment, diddyking. I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

The fact that you didn't hear music all the time throughout the game (it has a very rich soundtrack) means you must have experienced some sort of a bug. It's the first time I read someone having this sort of problem, so if you could, please post your system specifics in my shoutbox. Also, tell me if there was any specific moment in the game when the music stopped playing.

As for why Snakes is set in just one room (although an intensely evolving one), there are two reasons:

- the game was originally created for a contest which had the theme "one room"

- we used that "one room" theme to give the player the unpleasant sense of being imprisoned in a very confined and filthy setting which reflects how much alcoholism has immobilized and incapacitated the main hero, even though the exit is always right there.
diddyking 3 years ago
yea i cant run the type of file. i guess I'll try downloading it. This is a point and click adventure game right?
diddyking 3 years ago
i cant play it because of the file thing. please help
Igor Hardy Game's Developer
Igor Hardy 3 years ago
I'm not sure what do you mean by the "file thing", but if the problem is that you don't know how to open .rar archives, I recommend downloading WinRar.
KniteBlargh 3 years ago
Snakes of Avalon has now been featured, congrats!
This ranged from funny (found myself laughing out loud) to just plain scary (I actually jumped in my seat a little during a couple parts), and I was drawn into the game right from the beginning when Jack was trying to tell his story.
I don't want to go on about it too much, because I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't played yet, so I'll just say that I really enjoyed this overall. Bravo!
Igor Hardy Game's Developer
Igor Hardy 3 years ago
Thanks, for the sweet comment, Knite! I would not be able to think of a better recommendation for our game. :)
MrBeefMan7 3 years ago
Still rated a 5 but the software isn't even on the site yet:)
Igor Hardy Game's Developer
Igor Hardy 3 years ago
We're 1 month late, but very close to release. Should be only a couple more days. Stay tuned.
gn0me 3 years ago
I gave 5 just for a trailer, but i know now its woth it .
Igor Hardy Game's Developer
Igor Hardy 3 years ago
Big thanks dutchandtheflu. I'm glad you found the game as good as you hoped it will be.

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Developer: Igor Hardy
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Adventure Game Studio
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Cartoon Violence
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Animated Bloodshed
Alcohol Use
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